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Adoption is an Option 

- A cry from the womb 


by Gerard Marian Gallagher

Even if you feel this is not a good time for you to become a mother there are many with a great desire to be mothers.

I beg you give me the opportunity to live a full life like you. I only ask nine months of yours.

Maybe because of age, career or situation you feel this is not an appropriate time for you to take on a motherly role.

But I can be your gift to someone who dearly wants a child and cannot ever conceive life.

Believe me nothing is chance in God's eyes even if it looks that way right now.

God can bring good out of our present situation, just as He brought our salvation out of the death of His Son on the cross.

I can live and move and be, please don't consign me to oblivion before I am born into the world.

Our lives have a profound effect on the world around us. Your choice right now will have equal effect on future time.

God has a plan for everyone's life, with your co-operation He can bring His plan for my life to fulfillment.

A Christmas greeting from the womb


by Gerard Marian Gallagher

As you move through your day I am as real in your womb as Jesus was in Mary's womb as she sat on Joseph's donkey journeying to Bethlehem.

Jesus' conception was no accident and neither was mine becase there are no accidents in God's providence. When born I can give glory to God by living out His plan for me.

I may not have been conceived in a union of love but God is love and His act of creating me was an act of love as He cannot act other than in love.

God in the newly born baby Jesus is seeking us. Will you allow us to spend our whole lives loving Him as He desires and deserves?

We live in a world of pressure and an environment that is anti-life. I pray you will have the grace to carry me to birth and present me as a gift to God.