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Johnnette Benkovic - Women's Retreat July 2012

Friday July 27th - The War Against Women JB12W1

Saturday July 28th - Sacred Image, Sacred Symbol: The Mystery of Woman JB12W2

Saturday 28th July - Toward Restoration and Healing: Hope and New Life JB12W3

Saturday 28th July - Reclaiming the Ideal: Mary the Authentic Woman JB12W4

Sunday 29th July - Living the Ideal: Mary and You for Such a Time as This JB12W5

Sunday 29th July - Marian Consecration & your witness in the world JB12W6

Tuesday 31st July Johnnette Benkovic & Fr. Philip Scott - Leadership Training Institute

Tuesday 31st July - The Church and the Culture: A Clash of Worldview JB12L1

Tuesday 31st July - The Church and the Culture: A Clash of Values JB12L2

Tuesday 31st July - Personhood Under Attack JB12L3

Tuesday 31st July - Homily: The Family under Attack JB12L4

Wednesday 1st August - Know the Enemy, Know his Strategies JB12L5

Wednesday 1st August - Weapons for Victory: A Future Full of Hope JB12L6

Wednesday 1st August - Homily: Winning the Victory JB12L7

Wednesday 1st August - Developing Your Own Personal Mission Statement JB12L8

Johnnette Benkovic / Fr. Philip Scott. - The New Age

Friday 3rd August - The Supernatural: It's Real! JB12N1

Friday 3rd August - Unmasking the New Age: Discovering the Deception JB12N2

Friday 3rd August - Healing, Hoax, Quackery or More? JB12N3

Friday 3rd August - Discernment of Spirits: What's really going on? JB12N4

Friday 3rd August - New Age Day: Q and A Session JB12N5

Johnnette Benkovic - Healing the Father / Mother Wound

Heart Wounds: What they are, Why they are JB12H1

The Father Wound / the Mother Wound: Causes and Conditions JB12H2

Emotional Deprivation and the Unblessed Child JB12H3

God: The Perfect parent JB12H4

Behold, I make all things new HB12H5

Forgiveness: Freedom From to be Freed For JB12H6

Redemptive Suffering: Lessons from the Cross JB12H7

Healed for Holiness and Life in God JB12H8

Fr. Philip Scott - Men's Day

Father Wound - Clouds vision of a healthy man JB12M1

You must be a ""son" first - Unless you become like little children...JB12M2

The Blessedness of being a Sinner! Suffering... How God fathers us JB12M3

Fr. Philip Scott - Priests' Day 

The Father Wounds and its effects on us: identity crises JB12P1

How God the Father "fathers" us JB12P2

Priests in the SON: sharing in the Glorious Freedom of The SON (Jesus) JB12P3