Learn to Discern New Age Booklets

Learn to Discern:


Is it Christian or New Age?

by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

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The Primary danger of the Occult is that it deals with supernatural powers and influences that are not sourced in God. No matter how fanciful the New Age movement describes them, these practices have nothing to do with "Harmonic Convergence" or the "Age of Aquarius". They are part of the same occult that has been prevalent since ancient times.

            LD 11-01 Occult Psychics/Channelling

            LD 11-02 Occult Wicca/Witchcraft

            LD 11-03 Occult Magick

            LD 11-04 Occult Astrology/Horoscopes


            LD 11-05 Enneagram

            LD 11-06 Labyrinth

Energy Medicine

            LD 11-07 Reiki

            LD 11-08 Therapeutic Touch

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            LD 11-09 Eco-Spirituality

            LD 11-10 Goddess Worship


            LD 11-11 Centering Prayer

            LD 11-12 Yoga

Mind Control

            LD 11-13 A Course in Miracles

            LD 11-14 Is it Christian or New Age?
            Glossary of New Age Terms

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