Press Release on Referendum Outcome
Statement on Irish homosexual “marriage” referendum outcome
Repentance and reparation necessary

Press Release May 23rd 2015

"Today, the voting majority of the Irish people have voted in effect to reject God’s law on marriage. Irrespective, the law of God remains unchanging.

We have chosen to turn away from God and his laws. How can we expect to continue to enjoy God’s blessing and protection as a nation? The Catholic Church teaches the sexual conjugal act is the exclusive preserve of man and woman as husband and wife; it is an act designed by God to be exercised by no-one else.

Everyone is called to chaste self-mastery, according to their state; married or single, male or female.

There is no discrimination in this statement, it applies to everyone. Everyone is called to enjoy heaven. Scripture and teaching of the Church reveal all sexual acts outside the marriage covenant between man and woman are seriously sinful and seriously jeopardize the eternal welfare of those involved. God created us to enjoy eternal welfare with Him in heaven.

It is surely a blasphemy to include homosexual “marriage” in a Constitution document that invokes the authority of the Blessed Trinity and our obligations to Jesus Christ in its preamble.

Serious repentance and atonement are necessary to stave off the reaping of the harvest that these bitter seeds we have sown."

True believers in Jesus Christ have now a unique, sole and imperative role to draw God’s mercy upon our wounded nation. In the end, HE has the victory.

Patrick McCrystal HLI (Ireland)


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