Trustful Surrender book offer
Trustful Surrender to God's Providence

by St. Claude de La Colombière

• How practicing entire submission to God’s Will lays up inestimable treasures at every moment.

• How you can amass more riches in a few days than others can acquire in many years of great labour.

• The great graces that come from the practice of conformity to the Will of God.

• How to remain at peace in the face of disaster.

• How to be assured of God’s manifold graces in difficult choices.

• How to remain indifferent to good fortune or adversity.

• How to bring down even greater graces upon us than those won by charity.

• How your trusting God so pleases Him.

• How God is working through even the ill-fortunes that befall us.

• How the man who lets God be the pilot of his life floats tranquilly on the ocean of life.


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