Fear Not

Fear Not..!!

Isaiah 41:10


From the desk of Patrick McCrystal...

A personal message at New Year.

1st January 2021

Year of St Joseph 2020-2021

Dear HLI (Ireland) supporter,

Let’s not be afraid of covid or anything else! Be strong, and of good courage!

The Lord has ALREADY given us the tools to cope. 365 times in the Bible we are told: Fear not - one for every day of the year.

YOU are called by Christ not to be afraid – of covid, viruses, vaccines, hospitalisation, isolation, loss of Eucharist, loss of sacraments, death, potential State coercion, fear-mongering, loss of job, economy collapse, ‘globalist’ control, non conformity or loss of loved ones.

Saint Joseph - the Terror of Demons!
St. Joseph is the Terror of Demons!

Let’s not be afraid of covid or anything else! Be strong, and of good courage!

Victory in Christ Christ has overcome the world, satan, powers of death, oppression and fear. You and I are called to Victory in Christ. We are configured for Victory – especially if you are in a state of grace. We are called to hope, peace, joy.

When you have the rosary, scripture and St. Joseph, you are in a GREAT situation – even if we find ourselves without the Eucharist! Our Irish ancestors endured suppression of the Mass by clinging to the Rosary.

Primary Duty Our primary duty is to remain close to God, remain in a state of grace, trust in Him and allow Him to guide you step by step, day, by day. We call on Our Lady, St. Joseph (Terror of Demons) and ‘pray’ the scriptures into our lives.


The Rosary as Your Weapon
Take up your Rosary as a valiant warrior of Heaven
Pope Leo XIII had this picture painted in his chapel.

Be of good courage Whether you are someone who is terrified of the virus, terrified you or your loved ones might be smitten, or if you are someone less concerned with the virus and more concerned by our loss of freedoms, coercion and forced vaccines; either way – you are called to fear not, be strong and of good courage!

All in His Hands There are clearly forces at work beyond our control – forces with power, influence and money. We must turn to the Lord in prayer. We must deal with these circumstances with expectant faith.

Christ has allowed these forces to manifest. How do we make sense of oppression, isolation, masks, distancing and loved ones’ deterioration of health?

The Church, her ministry and all of society is being oppressed in the name of covid. It’s not hard to see the fear all around us and fear is not from God.

All is in His Hands. Remember, nothing happens that He doesn’t allow. Scripture tells us He works all things to the good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28).


"The Rosary is instituted primarily that we implore the protection
of the Mother of God against the enemies of Catholicism".
Pope Leo XIII


Seeking God’s Face This is my first time to directly address the covid situation to you our supporters in Human Life International (Ireland). I have watched, prayed, listened and waited. I and we in HLI (Ireland) have sought God’s Face and awaited His instructions. He has a battle plan – a way forward.

It is a very exciting time to be a Catholic, exercise our faith and watch His power unfold.

The Holy Face of Jesus Devotion
Heaven’s Remedy to atheistic communism – The Holy Face of Jesus.

Hallmarks of Communism It more clearly appears that this covid situation is now being used by global forces to implement what even Time magazine terms the so-called “Great Reset” scheduled to begin in 2021. The personalities and organisations involved are seeking to create a “new” world which has all the hallmarks of communism – creating a “utopia” without God, and all will be dependent on the “state.”

However, communism has failed before and it will fail again.

We already have the tools Our Lord gave us  the Holy Face devotion as Heaven’s remedy to atheistic communism. The Catholic Church adopted St. Joseph as her patron in the fight against communism. The rosary was emphasised at Fatima to bring peace to the world. Our Lady told us in Fatima to pray that Russia be converted. The Five First Saturdays are Heaven's template to appease God and make reparation for the offenses of men.


God in control

Don’t forget God’s words from Psalm 2:

“Why this uproar among the nations?...

Kings of the earth take up position, princes plot together against Yahweh and against his anointed,
“Now let us break their fetters! Now let us throw off their bonds!”

He who is enthroned in the heavens laughs, Yahweh makes a mockery of them, in his rage he strikes them with terror...

So now you Kings, come to your senses, you earthly rulers, learn your lesson!
In fear be submissive to Yahweh; with trembling, kiss his feet, lest he be angry and your way come to nothing... How blessed are all who take refuge in him.”

Psalm 2

God sits in the heavens and laughs at the Kings of the earth who would plot against Him and His people. This is serious.

Serious prayer needed for the World You and I are called to serious prayer.

Prayer for the world, world leaders, for the lifting of this entire global covid crisis, for the collapse of evil plans, the lifting of oppression, the end of communistic strategies.

Prayer for conversion of sinners (aren’t we all in that camp), in reparation for the sins of mankind and repentance for ourselves and fellow man is sorely needed.

Through bible history, God called into being a “remnant” of faithful believers whom He used to bring His people back to him. You and I are called to be that faithful “remnant.”

Rosary Calendar 2021

Here’s what we are doing.

1) Start using your “FEAR NOT” 2021 Rosary Calendar arriving in Mail before New Year, please God! Never before was our HLI Annual Rosary Campaign so sorely needed!

From the day it arrives, start praying and recording your rosaries daily!

The rosary calendar will contain quotes on St. Joseph, inspirational scriptures for victory and freedom in your life!

Remember what Pope Leo XIII said about the rosary:

“Those who gather to recite the rosary are ... “the battalions who
fight the battle of Christ, armed with His Sacred Mysteries, and
under the banner and guidance of the Heavenly Queen. How
faithfully her intercession is exercised in response to their prayers…”

2) Scriptures for Victory Please see here for scriptures for victory in the Catholic life! I pray them myself virtually every day. These scriptures I have found dispel fear, dissolve problems, give peace, strengthen faith, foster confidence and give a good night's sleep!
If you awaken in the night, recite one of them until you fall back to sleep!
Learn them one by one off by heart!

They won’t disappoint you.

Click this link here or below to view our youtube video on “Send Fear Packing” where
my colleague Lisa and I discuss six of these scriptures and explain how to use them!!

3) Weekly HLI Rosary prayer hour
Join our HLI rosary prayer hour weekly every Wednesday evening come New Year ! We are planning to begin the Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 7:30pm. (Tune in at 7:15pm to ensure your equipment is working.)

This is a rosary hour especially for you our HLI supporters!

We are conducting this prayer hour in support of you and all your needs and intentions at this time of strain in our nation. Let’s build up the HLI (Ireland) prayer community! You are not on your own!

To join, I need your email or your WhatsApp mobile number!

Email us your details. Click here to complete online

If the HLI office doesn’t receive your details in time for 20th January, we’ll get you started the following Wednesday after receipt!

I REALLY look forward to seeing you that night on Zoom! Come with your intentions each week.

Consecration to St. Joseph book

4) Get consecrated to St. Joseph. It's dynamite! Order the Consecration to St Joseph book from our HLI office! It’s a 33 day consecration. The book is packed with quotes of the Saints!

It will change your life!

St Joseph has ALL the merits of all the other saints. He is the highest saint in Heaven. He is the “Terror of Demons!” He is Patron of the Universal Church. I am sending this book to you at no profit - COST price to usthat’s €20 total, which includes €9* postage. (*Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland)

5) See here for a powerful prayer to St. Joseph, to help you invoke this powerful Saint without equal in your life.

6) THIRTY Masses offered up for your intentions. Thirty Masses are offered for your intentions this New Year – those of all our HLI (Ireland) supporters, in sincere appreciation of your support.

A Blessed New Year to you and loved ones.


Yours Sincerely,

Patrick McCrystal
Executive Director
Human Life International (Ireland)

P.S. God is in control. We need each other! Let’s stay in touch.

P.P.S. We would love to get your feedback. Click here. Is there any other topic you would like us to address? Has this letter been helpful? How can we serve you better in 2021?