Men’s Climb and Conference 2019

2019 Croagh Patrick Men’s Climb

of Reparation & Men’s Conference

"For what we have done and what we have failed to do."

Group photo Men's Climb 2017 © Olivia Harris

Group photo from last year's climb on Croagh Patrick

** Cost: €99

BOOK TODAY TEL: 094-9375993 We accept credit/debit card payments by phone

Why?   In atonement for the times when we ourselves, or the men of Ireland didn’t take proper responsibility for the women in our lives.

Where?   Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo (climb)
Clew Bay Hotel, Westport for dinner, (conference) and men’s breakfast.

When?   Saturday 24th of August (Men’s Climb, Croagh Patrick, plus dinner and men’s evening conference).

Sunday 25th August (Men’s breakfast and morning Conference, Clew Bay Hotel, Westport.)

Meeting for Holy Rosary in the Car Park Croagh Patrick, @ 10.30 am on August 24th.

Commencement of Climb at 11.00 am

Mass on summit @ approx. 1.30 pm

Participant on Men's Climb 2017 © Olivia Harris.jpg

A great day of camaraderie, prayer, challenges and laughs

Men’s Conference including

Evening Dinner and Breakfast!

After the climb, why not join us for dinner and talks for men on Saturday evening, then another talk after Sunday breakfast?

Finishing up after Sunday morning Mass.

Rooms reserved. Book through HLI (Ireland) office only. Contact us for more information.

**Special men’s climb deal:**

Full Dinner, Men’s Conference, Bed & Breakfast and morning’s talk: €99 per person shared accommodation (subsidised). Clew Bay Hotel.

€30 per person. Old Mill Hostel next to the Clew Bay Hotel.

Book urgently: Limited rooms reserved.

Book with HLI (Ireland). 094-9375993

Sat. Dinner only and talk: €35

Great talks, prayer and camaraderie ensured!

URGENT! Book to avoid disappointment!

Deadline for hotel booking 17th Aug 2019
(Note: Bookings can be taken for one day or both days.)