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FOLLOWING CHRIST; As a Catholic in Ireland Today

May 11th 2024: Day Conference with Mickey Harte, Dana, John Pridmore, Patrick McCrystal & others. Followed by Evening Gala Dinner Celebration

1-Day Conference with speakers including Mickey Harte (Manager, Derry GAA), John Pridmore (Ex East London Gangster), Dana (Former MEP & Eurovision Song Contest Winner), Patrick McCrystal (Executive Director HLI Ireland) and others. Exciting Themes to build up and equip you in your faith include: Listening Better to the Holy Spirit, The Church's Beautiful Vision for Marriage and Sexuality, Scripture's Power in Your Life, Ireland's Mission to the Nations, Heaven's Remedy to the Evils of Our Times, Youth encouraging Parents on the faith of their Children, The Power of Prayer and much more. Beautiful Gala Evening Meal (with Special Guests Dana and Mickey Harte) with address by Key-Note Speaker and Music & Dancing by Hugh P. and Maria Doherty. We do hope you will join us for this spectacular event organized by HLI Ireland, we invite all those in the surrounding Derry area and further afield to come together and be built up and equipped in your faith! Do join us for this exciting event!

Day Conference runs from 9:00am - 4.45pm.
Evening Gala Dinner runs from 6.15pm - 11.00pm.
You may purchase tickets to attend either part of the day but we hope you join us for the whole day! Looking forward to seeing you then!

John Pridmore invites you to our Conference and Evening Gala

Life Matters Prolife Radio Show
Every Thursday 8-9pm
Hosted on Radio Maria by HLI Ireland

Presented by Dr. Aoife Collins of HLI (Ireland).


Next Rosary of Reparation for Men
Saturday May 4th 2024...
22 Locations around Ireland!

Men's Rosary of Reparation - Saturday, May 4th 2024 - Click Here to view

The Amazing Power of the Rosary!

Let's Talk with Therese McCrystal

Therese and Fr. Antonio CFR share their thoughts on the topic of the Rosary.
With lots of insights and personal stories in the latest Let's Talk video.


The Best of Let's Talk

Best Bits (So Far!) with Lisa O'Hare and guests

A montage of best clips from our Let's Talk series this far in case you've
missed anything! A little recap, if you find something you like you can
go back and watch the full episode.

Scriptures for Victory in the Catholic life

Scriptures for Victory in the Catholic life! - Click Here


Patrick speaks to the men of Germany

Patrick McCrystal speaks to men at a conference in Germany


1000+ Veronicas attend Holy Face Vigils across
Ireland on Good Friday!    Thank You!

Holy Face Vigils on Good Friday - Click Here for locations


Patrick McCrystal on EWTN

Patrick McCrystal, Executive Director of Human Life
International, joins us tonight on EWTN to share his
reflections on the fateful day that Ireland legalized
abortion and about his work in opening a pregnancy
care center, evangelizing using social media, and his
hopes for a future fully pro-life Ireland. He also shares
about the spiritual fight in this battle for life, and
encourages men to join together to pray the Rosary for
reparation, repentance, and conversion.
Correspondent Erik Rosales reports.


Happy St. Patrick's Day from HLI Ireland!

Patrick McCrystal shares a special St Patrick's Day Message



Portadown Men's Rosary of Reparation September 3rd 2022


Men's Rosary of Reparation - Please click to view video

Newcastle, Co. Down - Click to view the video above.

Men's Rosary of Reparation - Please click to view video

Newcastle, Co. Down - Click to view the video above.


Patrick McCrystal being interviewed on Lifesite News about the 2016 Holy Face Easter Campaign - Please click to view video


Ireland - a Light to the Nations!


The fourth Men's Rosary of Reparation, Repentance and Conversion took place in Armagh
on New Year's Day 2022 - first Saturday in January. See video.


The third Men's Rosary of Reparation, Repentance and Conversion took place in Belfast on the first Saturday in December.

Click to view the following videos also from Belfast.



The first Men's Rosary of Reparation, Repentance and Conversion took place in Derry on the first Saturday in October.


Click to view the above videos.

The Appalling Agony of the Crucifixion of Jesus

The Appalling Agony of the Crucifixion of Jesus - Click Here


Why Rosary of Reparation 5

Why Rosary of Reparation 5 - Click Here


Ireland is worth fighting for! Pray with us... Come Holy Spirit!

Recorded at our St Patrick's Night Vigil 2021


HLI Ireland featured on Shalom World TV!
What a privilege! All Glory to God!

Patrick McCrystal and HLI Ireland featured on Shalom World TV

Defenders of Life: Patrick McCrystal


Episode 2: Defenders of Life: 100 Fold TV series
All Glory to God! I and HLI Ireland had the great privilege to be featured on
Shalom World TV's 100 Fold documentary series.


LATEST*** Let's Talk Video
HLI Ireland & the Holy Face - a powerful alliance!
Let's Talk with Patrick McCrystal...

For all our Let's Talk videos, click here!







Mission Statement

The Mission of Human Life International (Ireland) is to advance and promote the authentic teachings of the religion of the Catholic Church in life, faith and family, by prayer, service and education."

We are a prayer-based organisation, relying on God’s grace for fruitfulness and success in our work. We work for God’s glory, not our own.

We are the Irish branch of a worldwide network of approximately 100 branches and affiliates. The US website is


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