Ask Majella HLI Ireland Conference 2017

Dublin Conference confirms link between abortion and increased risk of breast cancer. Also harm to women's mental health.

The Conference that the pro-abortion lobby did not want to take place!

On Saturday September 30th Ask Majella & Human life International Ireland hosted a conference on the negative health consequences of abortion on women's lives.  

To bring attention to these issues we specially arranged to have with us two renowned experts on the link between abortion and increased incidence of breast cancer and the harmful consequence of abortion to a woman's mental health.

The conference was originally planned for another Dublin hotel but due to intimidation from pro-abortion activists the hotel cancelled the booking. The hotel's decision to cancel  caused quite a furore and garnered much media attention. The Irish Independent article was pretty fair and the online version generated hundreds of comments the majority of them sympathetic to the prolife viewpoint.

Numerous phone calls and 25 hotels later the Spencer Hotel kindly agreed to host this important conference. As it turned out a "pro-choice" i.e. pro-abortion demonstration was planned for the same day in Dublin. The Spencer Hotel, Dublin
Prof. Priscilla ColemanDr. Angela Lanfranchi Dr. Angela Lanfranchi and Professor Priscilla Coleman each presented two rivetting talks outlining exactly why abortion can and does harm both to a woman's physical and mental health. It is little wonder why those pushing for abortion were so determined  in their attempts to stop these women from speaking. Legalised abortion is hailed by "so-called progressives" and the liberal mainstream media as being safe but it is fatal for the unborn child and damaging to women - physically, mentally and spirtually.

Dr. Lanfranchi is a breast cancer surgeon in New Jersey, USA. She is a co-founder and president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute. Over the past 15 years she has travelled to Australia, China, India, South Africa and many European countries speaking at medical schools, universities, cancer organisations, governmental bodies and the UN about breast cancer risks. To view more detailed info on the link between abortion and increased risk in breast cancer SEE HERE.

Priscilla Coleman is the Professor of Human Development and Family Studies in Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Her most recent paper published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, drawing on data from over 800,000 participants, it is the largest study in the world on the mental health effects of abortion.

Professor Priscilla Coleman's 2011 Study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry

Professor Coleman's 2009 Study on Abortion and Parenting

Professor Priscilla Coleman discusses abortion and women's mental and relational health.


Dr. Angela Lanfranchi's opening talk in which she gives the background to the abortion breast cancer risk connection.


Professor Priscilla Coleman rebuts the claim that abortion is safer than childbirth.


Dr. Angela Lanfranchi's second talk providing more evidence from studies.


Kate Meenagh and Dr. Rita O'Connor discuss the work of Ask Majella.


Amy's touching testimony of abortion after rape.

Promotional video of this conference.