Vision Statement

• Ireland will thrive when every one its citizens – in all their ingenuity and dignity – are welcomed and cherished from conception.

• Towards this end, we work to affirm, advance, educate on, propose and proclaim the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church vision with special regard to life, faith, family and human sexuality.

• At the core of this vision is the Church’s teaching that, in God’s plan, the exercise of the act of intimate sexual union belongs exclusively and solely to husband and wife in life-long marriage, and no-one else.

• Towards that end we support, affirm and advance the Church’s vision for chaste self-mastery, appropriate for their state, for every person of all ages, both pre-marriage and during marriage.

• Thus, we affirm, support and advance and propose the Church’s vision we are each sons and daughters of God, created in His image, created for a purpose on earth and an eternal destiny, with the call and duty to observe Christ’s teachings and commandments and assist our neighbour to do the same.

• We work to proclaim and educate on the sacredness of every human life and the dignity and integrity of every human person.

• We affirm our commitment to the Church’s teaching that contraception has no place in modern society.

• We work to uphold and strengthen families based on marriage between man and woman, open to life, and hold that this is the God-ordained context where children’s existence, needs and rights are optimally served.

• Thus, in service of all the above, we work to renew and strengthen Ireland’s Catholic faith.

Approved 5 Jan 2017