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Lisa O'Hare in conversation with Aoife Collins on the recent controversy over an Irish parish's Facebook post criticising the use of IVF and the backlash against the post.





HLI Ireland's Patrick McCrystal was interviewed on the North West Today morning show on Ocean FM (Sligo local radio) in August 2019 where he outlined why same-sex parenting is a mockery of God's plan for marriage.

Click to listen to Patrick challenging same-sex parenting on Ocean's North West Today radio show





HLI Ireland's media liaison officer Lisa O'Hare was a guest on The Michael Reade show on LMFM local radio in July 2019 where she expressed our opposition to Westminster MPs voting in favour of abortion and same-sex marriage for Northern Ireland.

Click to listen to Lisa on LMFM's Michael Reade Show radio show





Lisa O'Hare, HLI Ireland's Media Liaison Officer speaks on Kildare local radio station, KFM  about our response to the Times of London (Ireland Edition) newspaper article on so-called gay conversion therapy. Lisa defends the Church's teaching on human sexuality and expresses our view that there is a shocking intolerance to those struggling with their sexuality.

Click to listen to Lisa on KFM's Kildare Response radio show



Patrick McCrystal, HLI Ireland's Executive Director speaks on Mayo local radio station, CRC. Here he strongly challenges legislative efforts to "regulate" crisis pregnancy counselling agencies. He vigorously defends the Ask Majella pregnancy care service against attacks by pro-abortion forces.

Click to listen to Patrick on CRC's The Grapevine radio show.





Patrick McCrystal being interviewed on Lifesite News about the 2016 Holy Face Easter Campaign.





HLI Ireland's Annual Pilgrimage Mass in Knock Shrine October 1st, 2016





Patrick McCrystal speaking on BBC Radio Ulster October 28, 2014.





Patrick McCrystal being interviewed on EWTN's Celtic Connections about HLI Ireland's new
Catholic Activism Initiative C.A.L.L. March 7th, 2015





Patrick McCrystal speaking in a university debate on abortion. In October 2012, Patrick was invited to speak on the issue of abortion in a debate held in University College Dublin.





Dr. Rita O'Connor, Kate Meenagh and Patrick McCrystal talking about the work of our Ask Majella Pregnancy Counselling Centre on RTE Radio 1's
Today with Pat Kenny.





Patrick McCrystal being interviewed by ETWN's Johnnette Benkovic on her Women of Grace tv programme in September 2010.





Patrick McCrystal being interviewed by ETWN's Doug Keck on Bookmark in September 2010.
In this episode Patrick discusses his new book "Who's at the centre of your marriage... The Pill or Jesus Christ?"





Patrick McCrystal being interviewed by Fr. Benedict Groeschel on his Sunday Night Live tv programme on EWTN in June 2010. Patrick speaks about the current situation in ireland regarding protection of life in the womb.





Johnnette Benkovic speaking at HLI Ireland conference in June 2011. The venue was the Knock House Hotel in Co. Mayo. Here Johnnette is teaching about the dangers of New Age.





Fr. Philip Scott speaks on the topic of healing parental wounds on Spirit Radio.





Fr. Shenan Boquet, HLI President being interviewed on





Patrick McCrystal stops to talk with EWTN during the 40th March for Life in Washington, D.C., January 25, 2013.








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