Croagh Patrick Men’s Climb 2014

Men's Climb 2014
“One of the best days of my life”

Croagh Patrick Men’s Climb 2014

Thirty five brave men climbed Croagh Patrick Saturday 23rd August on Human Life International (Ireland)’s 2nd Annual Men’s Climb of Reparation. It was “one of the best days of my life” said one participant on a gloriously sunny day of prayer, Mass at top and food at the bottom.

“A great day of fellowship” said one man who continued “there’s not much organised for men.”

The climb was one of “atonement for how we the men of Ireland have failed the women in our lives” said Patrick McCrystal of HLI (Ireland). “In our crisis pregnancy work, in more than 50% of cases, the girl is in difficulties and the guy is gone. If we men took proper responsibility for the women in our lives, there would be no abortion crisis.” he continued.

“There is virtually no-one doing reparation in our country” said another man. “That’s why this is great” he said. “I loved the spirituality along the way” said another. “It meant a lot to me personally”.

Confessions at the peak with Mass and intercessions for our land was the highlight of the day. Many onlookers climbing the Reek asked us what we were doing and why.

One onlooker, a man, said “that’s me” when explained about the dearth of responsibility are taking for women.

Another girl climber, thoroughly pro-abortion in her views, was taken aback that men were undertaking such an effort.Prayers to St. Patrick and St. Joseph were an integral part of the day.

The climbers wore a distinctive tee shirt that gave great collective witness.

With a lovely hot meal provided at the bottom and the distribution of complimentary CDs from a recent Men’s Healing Retreat conducted by Fr Philip Scott last autumn hosted by HLI (Ireland), the day was a great success.

“Didn’t expect the great food at the end” said one man. “Reek Sunday doesn’t compare with this”, he said.

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