Open Letter to Pro-life Leaders September 8th 2013

Open Letter to Pro-life Leaders
September 8th 2013

We are facing the consequences of an abject failure to address the fundamental roots of the abortion crisis.

Dear fellow pro-life leaders,

Fighting abortion by principally political means and seeking legislative amendments succeeded in the 1980's in a society steeped in cultural Catholicism. The fight has moved on. 1980's tactics in 2013 is abysmally inadequate in our engagement of the forces sweeping over us.

Seeking to set up, and win, a democratic vote in a society haemorrhaging for 30 years in its Catholic ethos, is, in my view, the way to copper-fasten legislative disaster.

Seeking a legislative halt to the present scenario, albeit meritorious, is merely postponing the inevitable if we do not change strategy, even at this profoundly late stage.

We are facing the consequences of an abject failure to address the fundamental roots of the abortion crisis.

We are fighting an enemy that is so ideologically and demonically driven that common sense, decency, facts, statistics, medical opinion, mass demonstrations, respectful debates and real concern for women is, for them, > irrelevant. They are now tasting blood.

Having spent 30 years largely ignoring rampant contraception, widespread morning-after pill, epidemic promiscuity, pornography in our newsagents and sex education in our schools, why should we be surprised we are facing an abortion crisis?

Unless we change tack, I believe we as a pro-life movement as a whole will be judged for our ineptitude in real leadership.

Confining ourselves to an abortion-only opposition isn't going to cut it. We have the experience of virtually every other country in the world that has legislated for abortion screaming in our faces. Abortion is only a symptom. Unpalatable as it might be to some, Fr Paul Marx told us 30 years ago if we do not oppose contraception, abortion inevitably follows. Planned Parenthood knows that.

Unpalatable as it may seem to some, but only a clear unequivocal proclamation of the truths of Humanae Vitae, the re-establishment of sexual intercourse as the sole preserve of husband and wife in marriage, witness to the truths of the Gospel and the call to atonement and reparation for our sins as a nation in embracing the culture of death can avert this crisis. The Church has a massive and irreplaceable role here.

Human Life International (Ireland) has always been willing to work - and still is - with any organisation seeking up to uphold that Catechism teaching: "Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception." (Catechism C.C. n2270). Upholding this catechism teaching is the only position that can be deemed truly mainstream. Are we as a Church and a pro-life movement really willing to do what it takes to REALLY address the roots of the abortion crisis?

The gates of hell will not prevail? Really? Do we believe that? If so, are we willing to play out part?

Even at this desperately late stage, God, I believe, can intervene.

Are we prepared to allow Him?

Patrick McCrystal
Human Life International (Ireland)
8th Sept. 2013

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