Our Activities and Achievements January 2012 – December 2014

Our Activities and Achievements January 2012 - December 2014

Thanks to our Supporters' Generosity and Prayers

Already Existing Projects:

1) Ask Majella crisis pregnancy counselling service.

2) Women of Grace study series spreading throughout the country.

3) Guadalupe Centre, showcase of our projects and authentic Catholic Resource Centre, Main Street, Knock.

4) Distribution of authentic Catholic productions through our office in Knock and our 2,200 newsletters that go to homes throughout Ireland.

Major Achievements:

1) 18 babies saved from abortion that we know of as part of our Ask Majella, life-affirming crisis pregnancy counselling service.

2) Johnnette Benkovic / Fr. Philip Scott priests retreat / Women’s retreat / Healing Father Wound conference / Exposing New Age conference / Catholic leadership conference and Men’s conference, summer 2012.

3) Married couples retreat Nov 2012, Knock.

4) Familiaris Consortio conference March 2012, Dublin.

5) Home education conference Nov 2012.

   6) All Ireland atonement tour July 2013 including Holy Face relic veneration.

7) Women of Grace expansion, including several courses countrywide.

8) Several prayer vigils inc. Dáil, U.C.C., Buncrana, Arklow.

9) Staff / volunteers formally trained / competent in marriage counselling, natural family planning, bereavement, pregnancy counselling, post abortion counselling, chastity development, pharmacy, obstetrics, gynaecology, nursing including Dr. Rita O’Connor and Kate Meenagh.

10) Orchestrated 13 all-night vigils night prior to children’s rights referendum, 2012.

11) 500 people fasting one day per month for pro-life cause.

   12) 30 Masses per month for pro-life cause.

13) Attended / supported pro-life rallies, Dublin.

14) 60,000 rosaries prayed by supporters for pro-life cause, 2.6 million rosaries since the year 2000.

15) National Holy Face and St. Joseph’s Cloak novena and annual rosary calendar campaign.

16) Five First Saturdays, Spring/Summer 2013 in response to Our Lady of Fatima's request.

17) Several radio interviews, including eight on Children’s Rights referendum.

18) Several public speaking engagements including U.C.D. debate, Youth 2000 festival, March For Life interview, Washington, Maynooth college, prayer groups countrywide, Sunday Mass parish talks.

19) Several E.W.T.N. interviews including documentary repeats

20) Several Catholic newspaper articles and full page / part-page ads, including telephone book ads for crisis pregnancy helpline.

21) Cloak Charity Shop / evangelistic centre, Knock, opened 1st May 2013.

22) Guadalupe centre relocation, Knock in May 2013.

   23) First Men’s Climb of atonement July 2013, in reparation for abortion.

24) Submissions to Irish Bishops on abortion and the Oireachtas sub-committee on abortion.

25) One of the foremost pro-life groups publicly opposing contraception, inc. contraception book, now worldwide, inc. South African Bishops conference.

26) Conference stalls inc. Divine Mercy, Y2K, 2012 Eucharistic Congress, Faith of Our Fathers.

27) Duplication of thousands of CDs inc. 1500 CDs on Miracles of Eucharistic and printing 3000 accompanying booklets distributed free at Eucharistic congress.

28) Several media press releases annually, supporters email alerts.

29) Printing several prayer cards, including 70,000 Holy Face booklets, 25,000 Holy Cloak booklets, thousands of pro-life information brochures, in-house duplication of 1000’s CDs / DVDs, 100’s of pro-life t-shirts.

30) Launch of Facebook page and account to increase the effectiveness of our mission. September 2013.

31) Our first Insiders' Evening to our committed supporters. These are to be bi-annual events, Oct 2013.

32) Annual Knock Shrine pilgrimage October 2013. Launch of our prayer care, Call All Men.

33) "Celebration of Life" Hooley night, Knock, October 2013, with Dana Rosemary Scallon.

34) Launch of REAL people. Regional Enthusiastic Ambassadors for Life who spread the mission of HLI (Ireland) in their parishes, October 2013.

35) Launch of the 365 Club: For standing order supporters of the mission of HLI (Ireland), Oct 2013.

36) Launched the 2014 Rosary calendar "Upholding Marriage."

37) Fr. Philip Scott Healing retreast Oct - Nov 2013, Knock and Limavady: Priests, youth, men and married couples weekend.

38) Our Lady of Guadalupe Pilgrimage Day Dec 12th 2013.

39) Positive Pharmacy website launch; www.positivepharmacy.org with key information on abortifacients.

40) Mailed all 3000 pharmacies nationwide in Dec 2013 on abortifacient pill survey.

41) 7 months crisis pregnancy Google ads December 2013 - March 2014.

42) Google Ads are live and we have seen a huge increase in our crisis pregnancy calls.

43) Pharmacy mailing - received controversial press in Pharmacy Press. Published reply in March 2014.

44) Launch of our new monthly newsletter "On the Pulse" Feb 2014.

45) Guadalupe Centre Volunteer Day, Feb 2014.

46) Parish talks beginning with Sligo, March 2014.

47) Church-gate collection and street collections starting nation-wide, beginning with Castlebar, 21st March 2014.

48) March - Summer 2014: Launch of "Repairing the Breach": a series of nationwide event promoting repentance and atonement for the assault on life and marriage in Ireland. Waterford, Armagh, Dublin. Call us to come to YOUR area.

49) Johnnette Benkovic March / April 2014. Dublin, Knock and Derry.  She addressed the dangers of the New Age Movement, spoke about the Signs of the Times and held a Women's Retreat.

50) Married Couples Day 17th May 2014.

51) 2nd Annual Men's Climb August 2014.

52) Our Knock 2014 pilgrimage 4th October 2014.

November 2014 Patrick McCrystal interview on BBC Radio Ulster talking on the topics of abortion, chastity, contraception.

Internal development

• We have about 50 volunteers

• volunteer / staff training

• 12 newsletters per year

•  updating website

•  weekly adoration hour in Tooreen, Co. Mayo

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