Press Release: Shocking Intolerance to those Struggling with Sexuality



Date: 10 April 2019

Press Release (PDF)

Shocking Intolerance to those Struggling with Sexuality

Human Life International Ireland claim that a recent article in The Times Ireland highlights a shocking intolerance towards Catholics who are struggling with their sexuality.
The article condemning ‘Dangerous Gay Therapy’ (8 April 2019) demonstrates “not only a complete ignorance of basic Catholic Theology but an intolerance for those who seek to live and to share it,” claims Executive Director Patrick McCrystal. “The desperation of the author to attack the Church is laid bare by targeting a Catholic Group that no longer operates in Ireland!”.

Who is ministering to Catholics struggling with their sexuality?

The truth is the Catholic Church has its door open to ALL souls.  It offers truth and life to everyone and does not discriminate.

The attempted ‘undercover investigation’ actually indicates that there is NOWHERE for Irish Catholics who are struggling with their sexuality to turn to for support (bar a few priests who are ‘familiar with Catholic teaching’).

“Men and women experiencing same-sex attraction who strive to remain faithful to Catholic Church teaching, and live out God’s plan for their lives deserve spiritual guidance, community prayer support or fellowship,”. McCrystal continued, “To try and deprive them of such support is scandalous!”

An attack on Freedom - The intolerance of Secular Ireland

According to McCrystal, “the author and contributors of the aforementioned article are sending out a stark warning that any group offering support to Catholics who are seeking to grow in holiness were not only not welcomed, but should be banned from the country!”

The Catholic Church teaches that ‘every baptized person is called to lead a chaste life’ (CCC 2394). When we truly reverence the gift of our sexuality and live it in a way worthy of our great dignity as human persons we can attain true freedom. (Paraphrasing St JPII)

McCrystal remarked, “Whereas our media appear to advocate slavery to our passions, Jesus Christ offers us the opportunity of gaining true freedom! This is Good News!”

“Irish Catholics should not be silenced from sharing the Good News of the Gospel, and barred from gathering together to support one another. We have a RIGHT to religious freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly!” McCrystal stated.

Support for ALL members of the Church

He concluded;

“We recognise that few Catholics will pay heed to Catholic Theology filtered through the lens of the Irish Media, but we feel that we are duty bound to clarify the following:

The desire for happiness is of divine origin (CCC1718) and true happiness can be found in God alone.

As baptised and confirmed Catholics we can rely on the gifts of the Holy Spirit to aid us as we strive to live a moral life. (CC1829)

God does NOT ABANDON any of His children. He upholds, sustains and enables us to act according to His will, (CCC301) allowing us to live a life of Joy and Peace. In fact, He promises us “a peace the world cannot give” (Jn14:27).

We, at Human Life International, support all of the members of the Body of Christ as they seek to live out God’s plan for their lives. All have the God-given right to seek to live chaste self-mastery.


It should also be noted that the only conversion that Catholics wish for themselves and for those around them is a conversion of heart, to turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel in all its fullness!”


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