Submission statement on Current Abortion Bill – Oireachtas Submission

Submission statement on Current Abortion Bill
Oireachtas Submission

Human Life International (Ireland)

On Abortion Bill

8th May 2013

Request to address Oireachtas Hearings

Human Life International (Ireland) reject out of hand the abortion bill so-called the 'Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill 2013'.

The entire Bill should be scrapped.

We request to address in person the Oireachtas hearings on this Bill.

We will bring our medical and counselling personnel engaged in crisis pregnancy counselling every day.

We will bring women who themselves once were in a crisis pregnancy to testify on the pressure / temptation to suicide during such a difficult situation.

The testimony of one such woman is included below.

Patrick McCrystal 094 9375993

“ I was pregnant and suicidal”

- Pauline’s story

I was pregnant, terrified, confused, frustrated and isolated. I was surrounded by people but no-one to turn to. The doctor, the nurse; they were no help…

I was told to get the morning after pill… I knew I was on my own…

Had abortion legislation been there, it would have been the final straw. How could a stranger know that aborting my baby would have saved my life?

Only when I discovered for myself where REAL help was, did I see hope. The support was there, I just didn’t know where to go.

Real women need to talk to real women. Women in that situation have come through it and are coming through it every day.

I knew deep in my heart and soul suicide wasn’t the answer.

My whole life felt crashed at my feet. But it wasn’t, it was only taking a different route. One more rewarding than I ever would have thought.

I knew there was something in me. Only when I saw her on scan at nine weeks, the size of my thumb, her heart flittering away – I knew she was part of me. There was a life there as well as my own.

The answer wasn’t abortion or suicide. It was help and support. An abortion would have left me with a void. There would never be happiness. Part of me would have been missing.

Fear takes its hold…but don’t let it win.

Women need to see the scan. Not the lies coming from Dublin. It's not about the suicidal woman – it's about the government themselves. It's for their own ends.

It's about elevating themselves for all to see – for their own advantage. If they were REALLY cared, they would get a support network organised for women, scans, counselling, where women can talk. Have someone there who had walked that road.

When I look into my baby’s eyes, I shudder in horror what might have been.

She has made my life worth living.

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