The Abortion Breast Cancer Link. The Facts.

The Abortion Breast Cancer Link

The evidence that the pro-abortion lobby is suppressing

Breast Cancer Prevention Insitute

Why can abortion increase Risk of Breast Cancer?

ABC - The Abortion Breast Cancer Link

How Breast Cancer forms

Evidence supporting the assertion that abortion can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Evidence showing how full term pregnancy / childbirth can lower the risk of breast cancer.

Summary of Breast Cancer Risks and Protection. Read more here

Abortion Breast Cancer Studies from 1957 to 2014 - an analysis


Study: Abortion and the Risk of Breast Cancer: Information for the Adolescent Woman and Her Parents

The American College of Pediatricians – December 2013

Author: Jane Anderson, MD, FCP


Evidence suggests that Induced Abortion (IA) prior to a full-term pregnancy contributes to the high rates of breast cancer seen around the world.

The current studies demonstrating a dose-related association between pre-term induced abortion and breast cancer strongly suggest a causal effect.

Although further study is warranted, this risk must be known by adolescent females.  The American College of Pediatricians recommends that all medical professionals provide this information as part of complete health care to all adolescents and their parents.

It is important that parents reinforce this information to their daughters. All health educators should include this information in any health/sexuality education class in which abortion is discussed.

Abortion and the risk of breast cancer information for the adolescent woman


Study: A Meta-analysis of the association between induced abortion and breast cancer risk among Chinese females

Cancer Causes & Control February 2014, Volume 25, Issue 2, pp 227–236


Yubei Huang, Xiaoliang Zhang, Weiqin Li, Fengju Song, Hongji Dai, Jing Wang, Ying Gao, Xueou Liu, Chuan Chen, Ye Yan, Yaogang Wang, Kexin Chen,


Induced Abortion (IA) is significantly associated with an increased risk of breast cancer among Chinese females, and the risk of breast cancer increases as the number of IA increases. If IA were to be confirmed as a risk factor for breast cancer, high rates of IA in China may contribute to increasing breast cancer rates.

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