Holy Face Vigil Good Friday

At noon today, click the Holy Face of Jesus photo to view the video where you can join the HLI Ireland team in prayer.

GOOD FRIDAY Prayers with members of the HLI Ireland team

The HLI Ireland team pray together - the Angelus, Holy Face prayers, litany and chaplet, Divine Mercy Novena Day 1 & chaplet, 5 Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, Hail Holy Queen, St Michael, Memorare and St Patrick's Breastplate Prayer.

Holy Face Good Friday Prayer Vigils

Due to the restrictions and necessary protection of our members, we are cancelling Holy Face Vigils at all our public locations, BUT WISH TO ENCOURAGE everyone to unite and cover Ireland in a blanket of prayer in any of the following ways:

  1. Co-ordinators and family members to bring the 8ft (8 foot) Holy Face banner outside their homes (where possible) and give public witness by reciting the schedule of prayers at 12 noon on Good Friday as listed hereunder. For people in remote areas, don’t worry about passing traffic, “Jesus will see it”.
  2. If this is not suitable, join in with the H.L.I. team as they recite the Holy Face prayers and devotions, which will be live-streamed on the website - www.humanlife.ie/media-gallery
  3. Alternatively, use any and all forms of communication to broadcast message to all contacts, urging them to join in their homes or where ever they may be, to achieve a simultaneous outpouring of prayer for the nation of Ireland.
  4. Afterwards, we would ask that people get permission from their Parish Priests, to have the Holy Face banners placed in their Church Sanctuaries.
  5. We hope to contact coordinators about holding public Holy Face Vigils on a future date.

We would like to use the same format of Vigil prayers as before:
(a) Start with the Angelus at 12 noon.
(b) Say the Holy Face prayers from page 9 to page 17 in the booklets.
(c) As Good Friday is the start of the Divine Mercy Novena, say the Chaplet and day one of Novena.
(d) Finish with the five Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary – after each decade, sing Ave...Ave...
(e) Say the Hail Holy Queen, Prayer to St. Michael and finish with the Memorare.

The Primary purpose of the Devotion is to make Reparation for the Sins against the First Three Commandments:
• Denial of God (atheism/communism)
• Blasphemy
• The profanation of Sundays and Holy Days
• To call on the Holy Family to save us from the evils of the Corona Virus COVID-19
• And for the protection of the Unborn and in Reparation for the ways Ireland has turned away from God

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  1. I would like to pray the Holy Face Chaplet. Do you sell these? Thank you.

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