Online Lough Derg Pilgrimage Friday 29th – Saturday 30th May

Virtual Lough Derg Pilgrimage of Prayer and Penance 29-30 May 2020

Vigil Prayers and Timetable

Bishop Donal McKeown is inviting people to join him on the first and last Friday of May on a 24-hour period of prayer, penance and petition asking God:

  • to free us from this pandemic and to support those who are fighting it;
  • to comfort those who have been afflicted with this pandemic; and
  • to ask God for the wisdom to know how to live now and in the aftermath of the pandemic.

HLI (Ireland)'s Intentions for the first 4 stations:

  1. Reparation for Ireland's turning away from the Gospel and the "Culture of Life".
  2. Conversion of all those promoting abortion and culture of death today in Ireland.
  3. Apostolic fruitfulness, God's guidance and protection of HLI (Ireland) and all the Catholic, pro-life and apostolic groups.
  4. Spiritual renewal of Ireland, including protection of marriage and family life.

Your own personal intentions for the last 3 stations.

Fast starts: 12 midnight Thursday, May 28th
24 hour Vigil starts: 6:00 am Friday, May 29th


Fasting reminds us of the reality that faces many people in our world today. You are invited, if you are physically able, to adopt the Lough Derg Fast from 12.00 midnight on Thursday night until after 6.00 am Mass on Saturday morning.

You can drink water at any time.

One simple meal is eaten on Friday. The meal consists of tea/coffee (no milk or sugar) dry wheaten bread, toast and oatcakes. You choose when to have your meal during the day, either early afternoon or evening. Some people may opt to continue the Lough Derg fast into the Saturday as well.

The Vigil

The Vigil will last 24 hours beginning 6:00 am with Morning Prayer on Friday, 29th May and concluding with the Celebration of Mass at 6.00 am on Saturday, 30th May.

Throughout the first day on Lough Derg, participants would normally pray three 'Stations' outside. However, in this case, participants are invited to pray three Stations at home during the course of the day - Friday, 1 May at 8:30 am, 12:00 noon and 6:00pm.

During the Night Vigil, just like Lough Derg, four Stations are prayed. Bishop McKeown will stay in St Eugene's Cathedral during Friday night/Saturday morning and lead the four Stations on the webcam – at 12:00 midnight, 1:30 am, 3:00 am and 4:30 am.

The prayers normally said at the Stations on Lough Derg are given below. They can be said standing, walking and kneeling - if that is possible.

Led by Bishop McKeown from St Eugene's Cathedral, the Lough Derg Stations will be broadcast throughout the 24-hour period online from:  or;

Click here or the pdf image on the left to view the Lough Derg station prayers


Vigil Timetable

The times of Vigil Mass and each station are listed below. Normal Friday Mass and prayer services in the Cathedral are highlighted in green.

FRIDAY, 29th MAY 2020

6.00 am The Angelus and Morning Prayer led by Bishop McKeown

6.30 am Mass celebrated by Bishop McKeown

8.00 am Mass

8.30 am First Station

10.00 am Mass

12.00 noon The Angelus, and Second Station

3.00 pm Divine Mercy Chaplet

3.30 pm Hymns with Anne Marie Hickey

5.00 pm Gospel Encounter

6.00 pm The Angelus and Third Station

7.30 pm Mass

8.00 pm Rosary and Eucharist Adoration led by Bishop McKeown

9.00 pm Night Prayer

12.00 midnight Fourth Station

SATURDAY, 30th MAY 2020

1.30 am Fifth Station

3.00 am Sixth Station

4.30 am Seventh Station

6.00 am The Angelus and Mass 'in time of a Pandemic' celebrated by Bishop McKeown

The Vigil will end with Mass at 6.00 am on Saturday, 30th May.

The Lough Derg Station

The Lough Derg Station and Prayers are listed in a pdf document which you can get from below (pdf opens in a new browser window). These are available in a format you may download.

Click here to download to your PC and print out or view on your portable device

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