Press Release 18 July – Westminster Bill is an insult to God



Date: 18 July 2019


Insult to God

“The attacks on life and marriage in Northern Ireland, made by British MPs in Westminster this week, are an insult to God and His plan for His people,” Patrick McCrystal, Executive Director of Human Life International, Ireland said.

McCrystal continued, “One might say that the issues of abortion and marriage are independent issues, and a supporter of one might not approve of the other, but we believe they are parts of a bigger picture and need to be seen TOGETHER in a much broader context.”

Issues of Marriage & Abortion Linked
“We must understand the nature of marriage as exclusively between husband and wife in order to be able to appreciate its importance to society. We must understand the sacredness of the sexual act in its proper context within marriage in order to be able to master our desires and reverence God as the Creator of all life. Any abuse of the sexual act outside of marriage will bring suffering and pain, and widespread abuse will ultimately lead to the destruction of society and the suffering and death of its children.”

Shine a light of Truth
These are striking claims but McCrystal goes on to remark, in a more hopeful manner, that “the veil of deception is beginning to lift”. Elaborating on this observation he claimed, “As Christians it is our duty to shine a light of truth in our society.  This remarkable turn of events has presented the Irish people with a unique opportunity to witness to the truth and beauty of God’s plan for sexuality, marriage and family. Rejection of objective truth equates to a rejection of Jesus Christ and will have catastrophic results, the most abhorrent being the death of innocent unborn children.”

Political Parties abandoning Catholic citizens?
The twofold attack has also revealed the true nature of political parties who claim to represent Catholics in the province, regularly garnering support outside Sunday Mass celebrations. McCrystal asks the question, “Have Sinn Féin, for example, whose name translates as ‘Us Alone’ now abandoned even their own founding principles of self-determination and ‘cherishing all children equally’ in order to adopt liberal, alien, anti-Christian ideologies over the Catholic beliefs of their electorate and indeed their own ancestors?”

Stand against deception and evil
McCrystal concluded, “This is NOT a time for Christians to cower, bow down or retreat. Jesus himself told us that he ‘did not come to bring peace on earth, but a sword’ (Mt 10: 34), and by that He meant that each person will be forced to decide whose side they are on – the side of light and truth or darkness and lies.”
“We must boldly stand with Christ against this tide of deception and evil.  Our very future depends on whether we will follow God’s laws or Satan’s lies!”

“Every moment that we witness to the truth of the sacredness of every human life and the nature of marriage, we are standing for the culture of life in this epic spiritual battle for the soul of our nation.”


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