Who’s at the Centre of your Marriage…the Pill or Jesus Christ?

Who’s at the Centre of your Marriage…the Pill or Jesus Christ?

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Patrick's Book

Imprimatur by Bishop Noel Treanor
Down and Connor Diocese

Presenting real life experiences of married couples, expert opinion, medical facts, statistics, historical citations, Church texts and relevant websites, this book shows that to maximise your chances of marital fulfilment you absolutely must avoid using contraception.

"Who’s at the Centre of your Marriage…the Pill or Jesus Christ? Contraception’s disintegrating effect on marital harmony." was written by Patrick McCrystal, pharmacist, and published by HLI (Ireland).

The message of the book is if a husband and wife wish to maximise their marital harmony, they absolutely must avoid using contraception.

The new book bears the imprimatur of Bishop Noel Treanor, of Down and Connor diocese, and the foreword is written by Fr Thomas Euteneuer, former President of HLI.

The book was launched in Ireland in March 2009 amidst a flurry of media attention and Mr McCrystal had 21 secular radio interviews in a two week period.

In 1993, he ceased dispensing as a pharmacist the contraceptive pill and other drugs, due to their abortifacient action. As a result he was unemployed in his profession for three years, even though he attended about 30 interviews seeking a job.

In 1996 he wrote his first book entitled "Contraception and Evangelium Vitae". This book explored the abortifacient nature of the pill and was also published by HLI (Ireland).

What people say about this book:

"I have read many books on contraception and Humanae Vitae but your book is one of the best. I love it because it is so practical, so understandable and so Holy! – it upholds the teaching of the Church and the catechism. I am not into flattery but it is honestly one of the best books I have ever read."
Barbara McGuigan commenting during an interview with Patrick about his new book on the EWTN/Ave Maria Good Fight radio show

"This book is one in a million. It confirms exactly what I have encountered in my counselling practice".
Kathleen E. Meenagh, Advanced Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling, Northern Ireland

"This book is a good reference for teaching doctors and for patients"
Dr Frank X. Dennehy, USA
Associate Clinical Professor, Family Medicine

"A valuable resource for married couples to help live their lives in accordance with God's plan for marriage"
Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro Carambula, STD., JL., H.L.I., Rome

"With a combined medical experience of nearly sixty years, we have seen the medical, emotional, physical and relational damage of birth control. This book confirms why we do not prescribe contraception"
Drs Owen & Catherine Gallagher, Northern Ireland

"I just wish I'd had this 30+ years ago!!!...
The book is an easy read, extremely well researched and sticks solidly to Catholic Church teaching..."
Anne Cassidy, Wife and Mother

"Having difficulty with communication in your marriage? Before you close the door on your marriage, open this book"
John and Naomi Lacken, married couple of 20 years, Ireland

"As a priest, I have found Patrick's book a wonderful resource for preaching and wholeheartedly recommend it to all priests and seminarians. It combines theological precision, fidelity to the tradition, together with a deep human concern for couples."
Alive Newspaper columnist Fr Owen Gorman

This book by Patrick McCrystal is not for sale. It is available by voluntary donation only. All donations towards this book will be used to print and distribute further copies.

Your donation assists us in strengthening marriages.

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