Newsletter October 2014

Newsletter October 2014
National Pro-Life Report October 2014
        • Outstanding CD on the Gay Psyche
• Whopping 31 babies saved since January!
• New Ultrasound Scanner to be in place by October
• Holy Hour for Bishops great success
• HLI Pilgrimage really blessed
• ISIS Iraqi Campaign "an attack on Christ"
• Faith of Our Fathers Conference in Knock
• Catholic Activist Training School April 2015
• Special CD & booklet offer: The Gay Psyche - A Psychologist's Insight
Dear HLI (Ireland) supporter,
As my complimentary gift to you this month for your support, I am offering an outstanding CD “The Gay Psyche – Dispelling the Myths” by psychologist Dr Joseph Nicolosi.
This CD will give you insights I think you have probably never heard before on this perplexing subject. Click here for more information about this CD.
REAL information
I was present when this talk was originally delivered. As I listened I was jumping inside with delight that at last I was hearing someone give us REAL information confirming things you might have been thinking but were afraid to ask!
Now I feel is the time for me to share with with you. Read on until the end of this newsletter.
*** 31 Babies saved since January!!!
I am thrilled and humbled to announce 31 babies so far have been definitely saved since January by HLI (Ireland)’s ASK Majella pregnancy counselling!! This is 31 we definitely know off. Many women, once they decide to keep their baby, no longer want contact with us, so we don’t always know the definite number. It is however, almost certainly greater than 31, but only God knows the REAL figure.
Power of Prayer
This is GOOD NEWS for a change in a daily world of so much dismal information. It is truly by the GRACE of GOD that 31+ babies have been saved. THANK YOU our amazing HLI (Ireland) supporters and your demonstrated generosity!!!
God WILL bless you abundantly for everything you do IN HIS NAME! He promised it!
You are part of something amazing.
Jesus said “Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do onto me”.
Our Google ads campaign are an outstanding success.
So many people are praying for our work. And its shows! Masses offered, rosaries, daily memorares, adoration hours and Holy face novenas: THANK YOU so much.
This 31 baby success is the fruit of much grace – and indeed suffering.
Mass Once a Month!
PLEASE DO NOT stop remembering us and our work in your daily prayers and Masses.
Perhaps you would get a Mass offered for our work once a month?
ALL OUR WORK IS ROOTED IN PRAYER. If you can, these are the intentions for a monthly Mass – or even a ONCE OFF Mass!! Please give these to your priest offering a Mass:
Intentions: “God’s protection guidance and apostolic fruitfulness of Human Life International (Ireland) and all our projects; the protection, blessing and apostolic fruitfulness of all staff, volunteers, helpers, benefactors, living and deceased.“
Know that I am having a Mass offered once a week FOR YOU – our HLI (Ireland) supporters and benefactors. We the family of God are all in this together.
Let us be a blessing to one another! I am indebted to your irreplaceable and evident prayer. Please continue to walk with us in this essential prayer dimension.
“Best Holy Hour in a long time”
“That was the best Holy Hour I’ve been at in a long time” said one participant at the prayer vigil for the Bishops as part of Human Life International (Ireland)’s 4th annual pilgrimage to Knock Shrine last Saturday 4th Oct.
Each of the Bishops and their diocese were lifted up by name at a timely point of the hour.
I had written to all 26 Bishops about our Holy Hour and received fourteen replies, many enclosing their intentions.
The Bishops are a critical component in the spiritual fight we are all engaged in. They have the power to bind and loose like no other. That is why they have been pilloried so much this last 20 years. We have a serious responsibility to pray for them.
From Strength to Strength.
Our annual Knock pilgrimage “A Day in Honour of Our Lady” is growing from strength to strength.
This was the first year we arranged buses from all over the country and we plan to expand every year.”
As well as the public procession bearing banners of Our Lady, Bishop Philip Boyce gave an inspiring and courageous sermon affirming the institution of marriage and God’s plan for a lifelong union between husband and wife.
“Children have a right to a mother and a father” he said. “If they are denied this right it dissolves the cohesion of family and society,” he continued.
Celebration Evening
The “Celebration evening” with comedian Mark McIntyre, musician Cormac Buckley and a medley of other short acts and songs was a great success. “It’s important we have a bit of craic and remind ourselves for a change we are people of life and light” said one participant.
With food, testimonies, raffle and prizes the evening was heartening and entertaining.
Build for Next Year!
Let’s build for next year. Help us arrange a bus from your local area for next year’s pilgrimage 3rd October 2015, and be part of the Blessing!
Call us on 094 9375993 and be part of our honouring Our Lady.
Ultrasound Scanner
Great News!
Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the new portable ultrasound scanner has indeed been ordered and should be in place by end of October!!
THANK YOU so much to all our supporters who made this happen by support and prayers. Let’s keep praying for its fruitfulness.
Faith of Our Fathers
conference due in Knock 25-26 Sept 2014. A great lineup of Catholic speakers. See Catholic Voice newspaper or
ISIS Murderous onslaught
Archbishop Louis Raphael I Sako from Chaldean Church, Iraq warns that the suffering befalling Iraqi Christians is set to fall on Europe.
He has reported: “Our sufferings today are a prelude of what you, European and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future…. The world does not understand the seriousness of the situation in Iraq.”
Deeply disturbing reports of children being killed in view of their parents if the children do not convert to Islam has repeatedly surfaced.
I have just ordered a truly eye opening book from Ignatius Press called “Islam, Christianity and Atheism” by William Kilpatrick.
This author presents a viewpoint on Islam you will never hear on Western secular media. He presents the case for Islam’s intended conquest to bring the world under submission to Allah.
“An attack on the Eucharist”
Deacon Keith Esshaki is a Chaldean Catholic Church deacon gave an interview on the Plight of Iraqi Christians so frank and “unpolitically correct” it is really worth listening to.
He states that the murderous advance of ISIS is nothing less than an attack on Jesus in the eucharist!
Broadcast on Catholic Answers radio show on 1st September 2014. If you have internet, here is the link.
The plight of christians in Iraq audio clip This interview was broadcast on 1st September 2014.
Catholic Activist School
You are invited to apply for HLI (Ireland)’s Catholic Activist residential training school 4th-10th April 2015 (Easter Week).
Entitled C.A.L.L. • (Catholic Activism Life League), participants will receive training, media skills, prayer, apologetics, fellowship, formation, outdoor pursuits/activities, preparation for real activism. Residential. In Corrylea Outdoor Pursuits centre, on the Leitrim / Fermanagh border.
You’ll get an international view of the Catholic Church in the wider mission field.
In the face of serious assault on Catholic values in Ireland, we are working to re-establish a counter-culture of truth. Plan to come – or perhaps you would sponsor a young person.
C.A.L.L. Equipping You to be salt and light in today’s secular world!
PS*** I have one of the best CDs I have ever heard.
For your donation of €35 / £30 or more, I will rush you this fantastic CD “The Gay Psyche – dispelling the myths” by psychologist Dr Joseph Nicolosi.
Founder of the National Association Reparative Therapy for Homosexuals (NARTH), Dr Nicolosi will present you with dynamite information blowing away the myths.
Hear Dr Nicolosi - a Catholic Psychologist specialising in rehabilitation of dissatisfied homosexuals wishing to return to a normal life - explain from his experience:
• What’s REALLY at the foundation of homosexuality.
• How the “Gay” personality arises.
• The difference between “Gay” and “homosexual.”
• How a homosexual – orientated person can re-gain their heterosexual identity.
• How every person is heterosexual, though some have a homosexual problem.
• How the Gay identity is a lie - it is a fantasy construct to resolve personal identity problems.
• How the generic “coming out” story has worked so successfully for the Gay lobby.
• Why there’s more male homosexuality than lesbianism by a factor of 7:1.
• How homosexual acts are the attempt to connect with the “missing lost masculine.”
• How “Gay” is creating “my own reality” – a defence against a harsh reality.
• How a “Gay” scientist tries to manipulate the realities – the gay gene is not proven.
• How the “Gay” identity attempts to resolve a loss of authentic affirmation from childhood.
An astonishingly frank CD set to unmask many of the lies we have all been subjected to.
Furnishing REAL information the like of which you won’t get on any Irish media station.
Inform yourself – then make up your own mind. This information can change lives.
My gift to you for your donation of €35 / £30 or more towards our pro-life pro-family work.

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