Newsletter April 2011

Newsletter April 2011
National Pro-Life Report Rep132
April 2011
        • Powerful HLI rosary vigils outside Dail
        • Johnette Benkovic EWTN coming to Ireland!
        • Morning after pill fight more desperate
        • Join us on a Pharmacy Prayer Vigil!
        • Rosary Calendars to Politicians
        • Flaunting of homosexual unions
        • Volunteers for Guadalupe Centre, Knock
        • Another baby snatched from Marie Stopes abortion
        • New car needed for Ask Majella counselling
        • Consecration of HLI (Ireland) to St Joseph April 30th, Knock
        • The Glories of Saint Joseph book offer
Dear Friend of HLI (Ireland)
In the face of the new Labour/Fine Gael coalition — and the increasingly fierce attacks on Catholic faith, sacredness of life, marriage and family - HLI(Ireland) had its first two powerful Rosary Prayer Vigils outside the Dail.
Firstly, three days before the election in February, Fr Michael Ross S.D.B. joined us in celebrating a Mass for enlightenment of all voters.
Then we had our first rosary prayer vigil outside the Dail.
Second Vigil
Five days after the election, we were back at the Dail, this time having a Mass for the empowering of the newly-elected TDs - that they would be transformed into principled Statesmen and Stateswomen, working for the common good and protecting life from the moment of conception.
Fr Michael in his homily said that the power of the Mass was infinite, and there was no telling the powerful effect our actions that day would have.
In fact, he said, we may never know until the day we die what benefits our initiative would have for the country.
What we DID experience however, was a palpable sense of grace and peace, something a number of people commented on that day.
With the threat of removal of prayer from Catholic schools, "civil partnerships" being openly flaunted on our TV screens, morning-after-pills sold in virtually every pharmacy and increasing confusion all around, we, the people of God, are called to remain faithful, walk with God and obey his plan for our lives.
A BIG THANK YOU to all you stalwarts who attended!
Morning After Pill
Our Press Release on the morning-after pill - sent to 500 media outlets - was reported by the Irish Independent and others when we announced our opposition to the legalisation of the sale of this deadly drug by the Irish Medicines Board, spear-headed by Boots Pharmacies.
I had one robust radio interview on Mid-West radio.
In our press release, I stated that profits from its sales were essentially "blood money" and called upon people – where possible – to only patronise those pharmacies which do not sell this abortifacient drug which eliminates already-conceived Irish persons.
500 media outlets
In our second Press release I stated:
Today's reported decision by the Irish Medicines Board to make the so-called "morning after" pill available for sale for €9.99 effectively condemns children yet unborn to death.

Everyone involved in this issue is gravely morally responsible.

"This pill makes money out of killing human life. It kills human life sacred and made in God's image and likeness.

Pope John Paul II reminded us that:
"Whoever attacks human life in some way attacks God Himself' (Evangelium Vitae n9)
Pope John Paul II also quoted from the Book of Genesis when God states: "I will demand an account of every man's life for his fellow man" Genesis 9:
The Holy Father continued:
"Everyone involved must give account of the acts he personally performs. No-one can be exempted from it and on the basis of it, everyone will be judged by God Himself."
Join us in a Pharmacy Prayer vigil
A number of people are willing to do a peaceful prayer vigil outside a pharmacy selling abortive "morning-after" pills. Boots were the first pharmacy chain to announce their selling of this deadly product. Would you help us do even ONE prayer vigil outside a pharmacy in your local area?
Whilst virtually every pharmacy in the country is involved, Boots have been a principal instigator, and we have to start somewhere!
A peaceful prayerful, non-confrontational witness is required, no abuse or shouting, just prayer and dignified witness to the pre-born – the lives of which are being lost.
Our prayer and silent witness – in God's Plan – may prove to be powerful! "Who will be a voice for the voiceless?" the scripture asks.
If you are interested click here

Rosary Calendars to politicians
This week sees HLI (Ireland) mailing a rosary calendar to every politician in the country.
In our cover letter, we are congratulating every politician on their election, and assuring them of our prayers for wise decision-making and deeper personal conversion. We are also indicating our prayer for the overturning of all ungodly laws, plus laws to protect life from conception and the raising up of more Godly politicians to govern ireland wisely and for the common good.
It is important our politicians know that many people pray for them and that their decisions are important to the people of Ireland, and that people want wise and noble leaders.
Please pray for the fruitfullness of this initiative.

New Age and Women's Conferences with Johnnette Benkovic
We are proud to announce that Johnnette Benkovic, host of EWTN's "Women of Grace" and "Abundant Life" TV series., is coming to Ireland.
Johnnette will be our guest in Ireland and will be speaking from June 17-19th in Knock House Hotel, Knock, Co. Mayo.
Johnnette's ministry focuses on calling Catholic women to the fullness of femininity that God has called them to be and New Age themes.
She will speak at: 1) "Women of Grace" woman's retreat on Friday 16th June in Knock House Hotel. A rich day - for women only.
2) An authentic Catholic Femininity vs feminism conference (for men, women, priests, counsellors, anyone interested in God's plan for women) on Saturday 17th June, including prayer ministry for healing, and
3) New Age conference – unmasking and dealing with the New Age Movement in Ireland and beyond, Sunday 18th June 2011.
Johnnette is conversant on Reiki healing, crystals, tarot cards, angels, reflexology, occult and much more.
She has extensive experience in New Age having been once involved herself and having authored her own book on the subject.
We will have a priest chaplain for the weekend. Put it in your diary today - It is sure to be a powerful and grace-filled weekend.

Civil Partnerships
The first so-called "civil partnership" legal ceremony was officiated a week or so ago, amidst much flaunting and mainstream publicity by RTE, the Irish Times and other media outlets.
Those struggling with a homosexual tendency deserve the right to hear that their orientation can be successfully reversed with proper psychological assistance and spiritual help.
At a recent conference in London, psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, founder of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality said:
"For many years, I have found myself in the odd position of being a psychologist whose profession says homosexuality is not a problem - yet many homosexual men continue to come to me in conflict.
At this conference, a man told the group that he could not understand why he had not heard about this sort of information before, and felt it only right that people be made aware of their options.
Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said that
"The truth is the truth no matter if no-one believes it. A lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it".
The reality is that God has chosen the gift of marital intercourse to be the exclusive preserve of husband and wife - no-one else.
Any other practice – whether heterosexual or homosexual – is deeply contrary to the Creator's plan.
Everyone is called to chastity, regardless of, and appropriate to, their state in life. Chastity is part of the universal call to holiness.
We are in the process of producing a fantastic, eye-opening talk on this subject by psychotherapist Dr Joseph Nicolosi entitled "The Possibility of Change: Understanding the Causes and Healing of Homosexuality"
More information on this subject from and

Baby saved from Marie Stopes abortion
Last week a baby was dramatically saved at the last moment from an abortion in a Marie Stopes abortion centre.
A call came in to our Ask Majella counselling helpline about a lady intent on going to Manchester for an abortion centre.
Our counsellor, Kate Meenagh professionally discussed everything about abortion with the mother including her need for an ultrasound scan. Her client was still determined to go to the U.K.
When the lady arrived at the Marie Stopes abortuary in Manchester, mindful of Kate's advice, the lady insisted in seeing a scan of her baby.
When she saw her baby in the womb and its heart beating, she declared she couldn't have the abortion, got up from the bed and came home to Ireland.
Praise God!
Abortion providers routinely DON'T show pregnant women their scan, because they know a woman has a high chance of a change of heart.
Another baby – and his mother – saved by God's grace!!! Thanks to YOUR support this life-saving work continues!
Car for pregnancy counselling needed!
Are you someone with an extra car you could donate to help Kate Meenagh in her Ask Majella pregnancy counselling work, or can you help?
Kate, our Northern Ireland counsellor. has no car to travel to appointments with ladies in crisis pregnancy. Her own car has died!
Kate travels countrywide to meet clients who cannot travel.
Perhaps you could help us out in your generosity with this pressing need?

Can you help the Guadalupe Centre?
Can you help us out in Knock once a week, or once a fortnight or once a month?
We are in need of volunteers to distribute invitation cards for the Guadalupe Centre to pilgrims within Knock village each day throughout the pilgrimage season.
Could you make a gift to Our Lady of Knock by offering a few hours on a rota basis in our centre?
If you are interested click here to contact and leave your details.
HLI (Ireland) Consecration to St. Joseph
The Directors and staff of HLI (Ireland) invite you to the formal consecration of our work and mission to St Joseph in Knock Saturday 30th April at 2pm, in Shrine Chapel (eve of St Joseph the Worker)
Pope Pius XI in 1937 dedicated the Church's mighty worldwide struggle against atheistic communism to Saint Joseph (Divini Redemptoris 1937).
This is still deeply pertinent to the ills we see afflicting Ireland today.
What a mighty champion of heaven to have as an assistance in the Catholic and pro-life struggle we are immersed in Ireland today.
Please pray the prayer to St Joseph on the enclosed invitation card each day from now until 30th April!
I look forward to seeing you in at our consecration in Knock. Light eats afterwards.
And Remember!
The Divine Mercy Novena is prayed from Good Friday to Divine Mercy Sunday (1st May), when this year Pope John Paul II will be declared 'Blessed'!
Truly marvellous blessings are promised for those who do the nine day novena.
Let's pray through his intercession for Mercy to be poured out across Ireland and the world, for an end to the culture of death and for the conversion of anyone at all involved in any way.
A BLESSED EASTER TO YOU! Yours sincerely in Christ,

P.S. For your donation of €35 / £30 or more to our pro-life projects, I am delighted send you this beautiful complimentary book "The Glories of St Joseph".
This unique text will help you to learn more about St. Joseph's powerful intercession for our lives, powerful novenas to St Joseph and the glories of this heavenly patron whom the Holy Catholic Church delights in calling her Universal Protector.
A gold-mine of insights into his life on earth, discover stories of favours obtained through his intercession, how he is a model for each one of us, accompanied by a series of considerations about St. Joseph for each day of the month.
Compiled from approved sources by the Benedictine Monks of Flavigny, France, you will find practical pointers and prayers for each day, which will greatly empower your progress in the spiritual life.
A collection of the most beautiful texts composed by saints and other holy authors about St. Joseph, Guardian and Head of the Holy Family.
My gift to you for your donation of €35 / £30 or more towards our pro-life, pro-family mission.

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