Newsletter May 2012

Newsletter May 2012
National Pro-Life Report May 2012
        • Holy Face Chaplet – A “weapon against Hell”
        • Order Chaplets and start a Holy Face prayer group!
        • Super Family Conference Green Isle Hotel
        • Recipe for marriage and family success at HLI conference
        • Government appears DETERMINED to bring in abortion
        • Johnnette Benkovic Summer 2012
        • Join us for Five FIRST Saturdays in Knock
        • Marriage enrichment day in Knock
        • MMR’s and other vaccines link to autism
        • Get your CDs from superb conference
        • The Wonder of Guadalupe - special book offer
Dear Friend of HLI (Ireland),
I’m excited! God is ON THE MOVE!
I have just received a limited consignment of 1000 HOLY FACE Chaplets!
That’s right – the chaplet ‘beads’ used to pray Sr Mary of St Peters chaplet against the enemies of the Church!
These chaplets - very hard to get in Ireland – are literally a “Weapon against hell”.
Calling on God to scatter his enemies, overthrow their plans and split them up by disagreements - the chaplet prayers are EXACTLY what Ireland needs in the face of rising open godlessness in Ireland.
I have deliberately kept their price down for widespread distribution.
Order your Holy Face special chaplet beads for yourself and for your prayer group at €5 each – donation going towards projects of HLI (Ireland).
As a huge interest is expected chaplet beads will be in limited supply.

Click here to order right away for your friends, parish and yourself.

In the face of a government determined to bring in abortion, never has Ireland so badly needed steely, determined, faith-filled victory-wresting intercession to the Holy Face of Jesus.
Start a Holy Face Prayer Group
Giving great example, one of our supporters from Co. Wicklow, Marion has started a HOLY FACE PRAYER GROUP!
Meeting on the first Tuesday of every month (Holy Face day), for one hour with tea afterwards, Marion’s Holy Face group prays St. Therese’s prayer to the Holy Face, the Golden Arrow prayer, the Holy Face prayers from our HLI booklet, scripture and intercessions.
Switch on a light!
Would you meet with a few friends and start a Holy Face prayer group?
Very simple and very effective!
Whether you’re sick, housebound or indeed fully active, what a powerful act to lift up Jesus’ Holy Face and cause his enemies to flee!
Call our office or click here to and we will send you a FREE Blessed Holy Face of Jesus image – A4 size, idea for framing.
Ideal for personal or group veneration. Also a Blessed medal, booklet and chaplet if you order.
Just tick the box(es) on the webform.

Family, Marriage and children the way forward!
More marriage, more religion and more kids leads to BETTER Society - was the exciting message superbly demonstrated by our fantastic speakers at our Familiaris Consortio conference in Green Isle Hotel, Dublin in March 2012.
All the talks are on CD. Click here to order conference CDs online!
Dr. Patrick Fagan of MARRI – the Marriage, and Religion Research Institute in USA - who was formerly in charge of one of the largest think-tanks of the U.S. government’s social policy wing - presented a dazzling array of statistics and evidence PROVING that:
   1) • Children in intact families who pray together do better in school, have fewer drug problems, less sexual promiscuity and less crime.

2) • The safest place for a woman is in a married household.

3) • Children living with both their married parents have the LOWEST rate of child abuse – the most dangerous place for a child regarding abuse is in the household with the man cohabiting with the child’s mother.

Dr Fagan demonstrated that what children need most is seeing their Father loving their mother!!.
When kids see Dad loving mum EVERYONE does well!!!
“If a government is REALLY serious about child abuse, then strengthen marriage!” he exhorted.
He showed if you get kids sexually active you destroy marriage and family and then society falls into the arms of the socialist state!
"If you promote contraception, destroy marriage and annihilate religious practice then chaos follows. It is totally predictable where Ireland is going" he said.
Ministerial Incompetence
Dr. Fagan accused any government minister who opposed religion of ministerial incompetence! He would publicly debate our Minister of Education in the Dáil!
He challenged any minister in the western world to show him data how their policies had improved behaviour!
The Church’s teaching on life-long marriage, pre-marital chastity and stable families is the THE ANSWER for societal harmony, intact family and for marital stability!
All conference talks are available on CD.
Children’s Rights
In her talk, Kathy Sinnot, former M.E.P., exposed the sinister history of the Children’s Rights movement.
Carol Bellamy, a radical feminist and controversial United Nations figure, was instrumental in pushing for children’s sexual ‘rights’, access to media, rights against parents and establishing the destructive principal that the State was to act “in the best interests of the Child”.
In a powerful presentation, Kathy revealed how this sinister movement is getting rooted in Ireland. Another must-listen talk.
Kathy is currently writing a six part series on this subject in the free monthly Catholic Alive! Newspaper.
Dr Thomas Ward of the UK’s National Association of Catholic Families gave a superb presentation on the beautiful vision presented in Familiaris Consortio by Pope John Paul II and parent’s rights.
Pope John Paul II prophetically saw the assault on THE Family and provided this document as a vision plan for the world on God’s purposes for the family.
Yet another of the superb talks available on the CD order form.
Order all 8 CDs and get a reduced rate of €30.

MMR, autism and aborted fetal cells
Recent research shows an increase in autism after vaccine jabs since pharmaceutical companies started using aborted human fetal tissues fetal cell lines in their vaccines.
Former drug company scientist Helen Ratajczak created a firestorm of debate in the vaccine-autism issue when she published her comprehensive review of autism research.
However, her 79 page review contains one detail that could easily go unnoticed - five words that reveal one of the most shocking secrets Big Pharma has ever kept from you.
"…Grown in human fetal tissue."
The line reads (page 70):
"An additional increased spike in incidence of autism occurred in 1995 when the chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue"
MMR vaccines, chickenpox, hepatitis A and polio are all developed from aborted human fetal tissue sources.
Click here to read Helen Ratajczak's article in full.
Five First Saturdays in Knock
In response to the abortion threat from Irish government ministers and the European Parliament’s AB and C case, HLI (Ireland) invite you to join us in Knock Shrine for celebration of the FIVE FIRST SATURDAYS!
Beginning Saturday June 3rd 2012 for five months, we will beseech Heaven’s blessing on our land by following Our Lady of Fatima’s request for five first Saturdays. She said she would grant the “graces necessary for salvation to all” those who celebrate the five first Saturdays, to include Holy Communion, Confession, five decades of Rosary and fifteen minutes meditation.
Come and join us and make your travel and prayer to Knock an act of reparation to God for our country.
Our Lady of Fatima revealed how the five first Saturdays were part of her remedy for world peace. Otherwise the world would be afflicted with wars and sufferings if man did not heed her messages.
Mass will be celebrated each first Saturday in the apparition chapel.
The five dates are:

1)    • 2nd June 2012, Mass at 11:45am in apparition chapel
2)    • 7th July 2012, Mass at 11:45am
3)    • 4th August 2012, Mass at 11:45am
4)    • 1st September 2012, Mass at 11:45am
5)    • 6th October 2012, Mass at 3pm Knock Basilicia

Please do put them in your diary!!
HLI (Ireland)’s Annual Pilgrimage
Please note that the 6th October date, the final first Saturday – is HLI (Ireland)’s official annual pilgrimage date to Knock Shrine. The theme of this our second annual pilgrimage is ‘Our Lady’s intentions.’
In this HLI (Ireland) pilgrimage Mass on October 6th, we will offer up the intentions of all our benefactors and friends, as well as pray for all deceased benefactors.
We plan to have a celebratory tea, coffee and light eats afterwards.

Johnnette Benkovic returning to Ireland
Johnnette Benkovic is coming back to Ireland!
Revised new dates are 25th July to 5th August.
A Blockbuster programme is in store!
Firm dates for your diary are:
    • Wednesday 25th July, Dublin 7-9:30pm
• Thursday 26th July, Limerick, 7 – 9:30pm
• Women’s retreat 27th – 29th July, Knock
• Tuesday 31st – Sunday 5th August. Various conferences, Knock
Johnnette – along with co-presenter Fr Philip Scott, founder of the religious Order Family of Jesus the Healer with whom she regularly works – will address topics of Catholic leadership, confronting the attacks on the Church, healing the Father Wound, Catholic femininity, radical feminism, New Age and praying for your sons and daughters amongst many others.

We are hoping to have a marriage renewal day for married couples with Fr Philip Scott around Wednesday 8th August.
Women of Grace - We need you!
Men of Ireland - We need you!

Please keep this fantastic grace for Ireland in your prayers and fasting.

We will need a lot of volunteer assistance over this two week period.
I need you to start fundraising for the unprecedented event in Ireland.
I’m immediately faced with flights, venues, equipment hire and much more - a lot for a small charity.
Please pray that God provides.
Specific information and venues will be confirmed.
Spread the word amongst your friends.
Yours Sincerely.
Patrick McCrystal Executive Director
For your donation of €35 or more to our pro-life, pro-family work, I would be delighted to send you a complimentary copy of this enthralling book “The Wonder of Guadalupe”.
The book traces the supernatural appearance of image of Mary, the Mother of Jesus on the Tilma, or cloak of St. Juan Diego in 1531 - an event which triggered the conversion of eight million Aztec Indians, steeped in pagan sacrifice.
This fascinating book is written by world renowned expert on Guadalupe Francis Johnson.
You will read:

• How this miraculous disposed of the pagan serpent god worshipped at the time.
• The series of miracles associated with this unprecedented image.
• How this image is instrumental in our modern day struggle against Satan and the occult.
• The significance of the intricate details and symbolism of the image.
• The scientific proof of its supernatural origin.
• See actual live photos of the image itself, still in public display in Mexico.
• How this is the only heaven-sent image of Mary on the earth, not painted by human hand.
• How this image is relevant to our modern day world as a message from heaven.
• The historical basis of Guadalupe preceding the image and why heaven chose this spot.
• The events surrounding the apparition and the chronology of events ever since.
• How this image has been venerated by Popes up to our modern day.

My complimentary gift to you for your donation of €35 / £30 or more towards our life saving pro-life, pro-family work.

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