Newsletter September 2010

National Pro-Life Report Rep130
September 2010
        • Atheistic Communism shows its ugly face
        • Praying for the Downfall of our Foes!
        • Official Opening Guadalupe Centre 12th September
        • Reasons to be Pro-life at Youth 2000 festival
        • HLI Fundraising Walk in Arklow
        • HLI (Ireland) on EWTN 29th / 30th September
"As long as we continue to behave as sheep, we are victorious…
Even if ten thousand wolves surround us, we conquer and are victorious. But the moment we become wolves, we are conquered for we lose the help of the Shepherd.
He is the Shepherd of the sheep, not of wolves.
If he leaves you and goes away, it is because you do not allow him to show his power"
- St. John Chrysostom
Dear Friend of HLI (Ireland),
Imagine if:
• abortion is available for ANY reason,
• marriage can be dissolved by divorce for any reason without delay,
• children can report their parents to the government,
• children are the property of the State,
• schools are indoctrination centres dissolving a Christian ethic,
• the sexual act is practiced by anyone with anyone,
• religion is excluded from cultural activities, from schools, from public life,
• the ministers of the Church and its holy rites are held in contempt,
Exactly this scenario was characteristic of atheistic communism as in Russia a century ago.
Exactly this scenario is unfolding before our eyes in Ireland – in incremental steps – as you read this.
This development we see in Ireland is part of a worldwide orchestrated agenda – it is not an isolated occurrence.
Our Lady of Fatima told us if Russia was not converted, it would spread its errors around the world. What we are seeing is the ugly face of atheistic communism manifesting itself more obviously. Pius XI wrote about this phenomenon in his encyclical Divini Redemptoris in 1937.
Christ has Victory Now don’t get me wrong. I am NOT pessimistic or melodramatic. I am not trying to unsettle you, and I KNOW that in the end Christ has the victory.
It is helpful however to look at things as they really are and deal with them properly, confident in God’s control of all things.
As St John Chrysostom indicates, the victory of Christ will be made manifest if we remain as sheep close to the Shepherd. The moment we try to become wolves ourselves, the Shepherd leaves our sides because he doesn’t shepherd ‘wolves’.
If we want to see His victory, we need to be channels of God’s power, not our own.
Radical Sexual Left Right now as I write this, at an United Nations Conference in Leon, Mexico - there is a document proposed which the radical sexual ideologues want governments to sign up to.
This is the UN’s International Year of Youth. This year, radical feminist and homosexual activists want to see an utter rejection of the Catholic/Christian sexual ethic in the lives of the world’s youth.
As pro-life UN observer Austin Ruse, writes:
“In 13 years of UN-watching, I can’t think of a single threat more serious than this scheme of indoctrinating and programming the world’s youth to reject Christianity, parental authority, and the sanctity and dignity of life. But that’s exactly what’s happening.”
Austin continues:
“This document strikes right at the heart of the parent-child bond. It demands radical and complete autonomy for young people, separate from their parents. … UN member countries, including the Holy See, will be expected to endorse this grotesque anti-family manifesto.”
Make no mistake –
The forthcoming Children’s Rights’ Referendum due later this year in Ireland is not an isolated occurrence. In my view, it is part of a global push orchestrating a serious undermining of parents rights.
The Civil Partnership bill was not an isolated occurrence. It too is part of a global ideological push to destroy the family as we know it.
What’s more, radicals are trying their level best to make abortion a so-called "universal human right". They want to broach no exceptions.
Serious threat to the World
Atheistic Communism is a serious threat to the world.
We ALL have our part to play. To fight this evil, Pope Pius in Divini Redemptoris expressly calls for prayer and fasting "…fighting as it were a holy war against a common enemy" (n63)
He calls for, amongst others:

1) Catholic action,
2) the urgent need to use all our energies to prevent societal breakdown,
3) sincere renewal of public and private lives,
4) detachment from material things and charity to our neighbour
5) that the Church be free to exercise her influence and ministry and more as his formula for action.

Pope Pius XI reminds us, as in his day, communism is ultimately destined to fail:
“Gradually their plans and projects began to collapse before their eyes, as everything must of necessity collapse which is not built upon the cornerstone which is Christ.” (n39)
He continues:
“We place this great campaign of the Church against activities of the atheistic communists under the patronage of St Joseph, that most powerful protector of the Catholic Church.”
Remember that the Holy Face Devotion prayers are a heaven-revealed remedy specifically to address the threat of atheistic communism.
Order a new copy of our Holy Face booklet by clicking on the link below and join us in these prayers.
Here is something you can DO.
Join our HLI fasting rota. Tick the box (on the enclosed reply form.)
Each one of us are NOT powerless in the face of this threat.
Will you join us in Daily Intercession?
We in HLI (Ireland) use a simple formula in our daily prayer to empower our work against the “culture of death.”
We use the acronym SUPPEFF
S is for Sanctification
U is for Unity in our midst
P is for Protection
P is for God’s Provision for our work
E is for Effectiveness
F is for Fruitfulness
F is for Foes – the downfall of the work of our foes (Psalm 111)
Will you join us?
In your daily rosary, will you lift up all of us in the HLI (Ireland) family using the SUPPEFF formula
– Directors, staff, benefactors and friends of HLI (Ireland)?
In the consecration at your daily / Sunday Mass, will you remember HLI (Ireland) and all our work along the lines of SUPPEFF?
Would you approach a priest and ask him would lift up the work of HLI (Ireland) in a Mass one day per month along the lines of this SUPPEFF acronym?
Together, benefactors and workers of HLI (Ireland), I am certain we can make a difference.
Will you join us?
Let’s get every day in a month covered - with a mass offered up somewhere in the country!
If you would, please ask your priest, arrange a monthly stipend and write to us notifying your date of a Mass in the month.
Youth 2000 Retreat
HLI (Ireland) were privileged to be invited to speak at the Youth 2000 festival in Clonmacnoise. Twelve hundred young people congregated at this ancient Christian site for a weekend of Eucharist adoration, rosary talks, confession, music and workshops.
My wife Therese and I were honoured to be asked to give a workshop on “Reasons to be pro-life.”
We spoke of God’s plan for sexuality, chastity before marriage, the development of the baby in the womb and the tragedy of abortion.
I gave my testimony as a pharmacist who felt called by God to cease dispensing contraception and abortifacients, even though this meant three years unemployment in my profession – a decision I do not regret.
Therese also gave a talk on Our Lady of Guadalupe to the entire gathering on the Saturday afternoon.
It was clear that young people absolutely love the truth being spoken in a clear, forthright, sensitive manner.
More than 40 priests listened to young people’s confessions for over two hours during the healing service at the weekend.
What a demonstration of God's grace!
Guadalupe Centre Opening 12th Sept. You're Invited!
Our new Guadalupe Centre officially opens on 12th September in Knock (Feast of Holy Name of Mary) It is also Grandparents Day in Knock.
Beginning with a Consecration mass in the Shrine Chapel at 11:45am, we will move to the Centre for a blessing.
We are truly privileged that the Guadalupe Centre will be officially opened by Dana Rosemary Scallon.
Dana is a lady who has so graciously stood true on Catholic values in many situations over the years.
Then we will have a light lunch buffet. You are invited to this exciting event.
Why not come on pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine on this day? Let our office know if you hope to come.
HLI (Ireland) again on EWTN The next two TV shows I was filmed on EWTN are due to be aired on 29th and 30th September 2010. (Feast of St Michael Archangel)
I had the privilege to join with host Johnette Benkovic on two shows, one of which was with husband and father Tony Crowe from Ireland.
On the theme of my new book on contraception and marital harmony, their times are 4pm on both dates (and repeated at 3:30 am the next morning)
Please pray these global broadcasts bear great fruit in the lives of married couples worldwide.
Other speaking dates Organised by a local supporter, myself and colleagues are due to speak in St Fiachra’s parish, Diocese of Ossory, Kilkenny on Holy Face Devotion beginning with Mass at 7:30pm and afterwards in Church Hall.
We are also due to take part in debate on abortion in UCD on 29th September. Please keep this in prayer.
Fundraiser in Arklow
We are delighted that one of our local supporters in Arklow, Co. Wexford is organising a fundraising walk in aid of the GUADALUPE Centre on Sunday 24th October.
This wonderful initiative is a great help to our work.
Perhaps you would consider doing something similar in your local area?
Please give John a call in our office (094 9375993).
Wills and Bequests
Perhaps you would consider remembering HLI (Ireland) in your Will or make a bequest. Please indicate your interest on enclosed reply form and we will be in touch.
We have been blessed a number of times with such thoughtful generosity.
All our benefactors, living and deceased, are remembered in regular Masses.

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