Sponsorship of catechisms to young people

We sponsored the gift of Catechisms to everyone at Youth 2000's recent retreat in Roscrea.

Participants proudly show off their catechisms at this year's Youth 2000 festival in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.

“A fabulous gift!”

“This is amazing!” “What a brilliant idea!”

Just some of the comments from the enthusiastic young people when handed their catechisms made possible through the generosity of Human Life International (Ireland) supporters.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church has the answers!

It is so important that young Catholics are fully equipped with the knowledge to deal with the challenges of modern life and a culture that is becoming increasing hostile to life and christian faith:

  • Widespread ignorance of true faith.
  • Terrible confusion on sexuality and gender identity.
  • Serious lack of knowledge of the roots of chastity, virtue and sacraments.
  • Utter unawareness of contraception’s link to abortion.

Our beautiful YOUNG People haven’t HAD THE TOOLS to break free from the Culture of death!

Now they have!

A girl who had attended a previous Youth 2000 retreat exclaimed:

I couldn’t afford a catechism at the time... One was given to me... I started reading the catechism every day.”

Pope Saint John Paul II invoked the Blessed Virgin Mary to “support through her intercession the catechetical work of the entire Church at every level.”

We ask Our Blessed Mother to be a guide to all those who received catechisms.

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