Can we talk about IVF? – Press Release


Date: 3 January 2020

Can we talk about IVF?
- HLI Ireland comments on Tullamore Controversy

“There is no place for in vitro fertilisation in society and it should be banned.”- Patrick McCrystal –HLI Ireland.

A recent Facebook Post from Tullamore Parish, Co. Offaly, included the statement, “The process of IVF damages embryonic stem cells and thus life, and is therefore completely, clearly and totally incompatible with our Catholic Faith.”

We at Human Life International, Ireland, welcome these words, and express our disappointment that the parish felt compelled to apologise for speaking the truth.

“Whilst in no way minimising the suffering entailed by infertility, people deserve to know that IVF causes grievous loss of human life, is seriously offensive to God and puts users outside God’s plan for their lives,” said Patrick McCrystal, Executive Director, HLI (Ireland).

Catholics have the right to be informed that the Church teaches that IVF is “gravely immoral.” (Catechism of Catholic Church n2376). Its authors, proponents and practitioners “usurp the place of God” and set themselves up as the “authors of life and death.” (Donum Vitae).

“Statistics show that almost half of embryos used to help women conceive through in vitro fertilisation are thrown away during or after the process.

No-one is pointing out this horrendous loss of life, and how the technological manipulation of the creation of human life is in severe conflict with the Creator’s plan,” McCrystal stated.

“Tullamore Parish wrote a clear message, consistent with Church teaching, that upheld the dignity of life.”  he continued.  “The embryo conceived is sacred and inviolable from moment of conception. Church teaching on this subject is rich, beautiful and true,” he said.

“Any parish must be free to discuss, advance and inform parishioners on Catholic Church teaching without being attacked by politicians and the media.”

This is an attack on religious freedom and sets a worrying precedent of the Church being silenced on such important matters,” McCrystal concluded.


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