Same-sex parenting – a mockery of God’s plan for family



Date: 21 August 2019


Same sex parenting a mockery of God’s plan for family

“The recent *RTE report: “Raised by both: Same Sex Parents fight for legal recognition,” highlights the farce and chaos Irish society is descending into as it rejects God’s laws on marriage and family” said Patrick McCrystal, Executive Director, Human Life International (Ireland).

“Same-sex ‘parenting’ is about the adults involved pursuing their own needs and wishes, not what’s best for the child,” said McCrystal. “Same-sex ‘parenting’ intentionally denies a child the benefits of being raised by a father and a mother, by which a child grows and identifies in its own God-given sense of identity and role in society as male or female.”

“The Catholic Church teaches the procreative act, open to life, is the exclusive gift to husband and wife and no-one else.  The Church teaches that a child is a gift to be generated by the loving marital embrace, not by in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and treated as a commodity created in a test tube.” he continued.
“IVF is technological manipulation of the creation of human life, and is in severe conflict with the Creator’s plan and should be banned.”

“Put simply, in God’s plan, reflected by Church teaching, marriage is a covenant solely between husband and wife, who are called to be parents in a union of life and love. This is the context in which a child has the best chance to thrive.

The path laid out for us by Our Loving Father, following His Commandments, is one which will bring us true joy, fulfilment and lasting happiness. All of us fall short. He calls us all to listen to Him, get up again, and walk with Him, trusting in His mercy”, Mc Crystal concluded.


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*“Raised by both: Same Sex Parents fight for legal recognition

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