Catholic Apologist Meg Hunter-Kilmer

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Catholic Apologist Meg Hunter-Kilmer

- First time in Ireland!

DYNAMIC Catholic Apologist Boot Camp!

Are you equipped to give the answers?

Be the best Catholic YOU can!

Come and give yourself the opportunity

for a fantastic in-depth grounding

in the REAL truths that The Catholic Faith

gives on all the ‘hot’ issues of the day!

Meg Hunter-Kilmer

With Catholic Evangelist Meg Hunter-Kilmer

June 16th - 19th

Legionaries of Christ, Leopardstown, Dublin 18

Speaker: Meg Hunter-Kilmer
Date: Thursday June 16th to Sunday June 19th (inclusive)
Duration: Four days
Location: Legionaries of Christ, Leopardstown
Dublin 18.
€60 includes lunches, course materials.
Accommodation for men available.
Contact office for more information.
Topics: • Radical discipleship
• Personal holiness
• Catholic apologetics

• Preference will be given to those attending all four days of the course.

• Some sponsorship available for students/employed.

• TOTAL COST for the four days which includes Lectures and Lunch is €60.

• There will be daily Holy Mass, Eucharistic adoration, prayer and workshops.

• The deadline for receipt of completed application Forms is

12 June 2016

Download your Application Form here

Further details:
Phone: (Colette 094-9375993)
Write: HLI Ireland, Main Street, Knock, Co. Mayo

Please check out Meg Hunter-Kilmer's website to learn more about her ministry.

Meg is also on Facebook

This exciting C.A.L.L. 4 day training school, conducted by Catholic Apologist Meg Hunter-Kilmer

Download Application, print out and fill in the details and return completed form to our office.

Thank you!


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