MAP Press Statement

MAP Press Statement

Pharmacist disputes Irish Pharmaceutical Union’s welcome of Morning after pill

I totally dispute the Irish Pharmaceutical Union’s welcome of sale of “morning-after” pill as a “landmark decision for women”

So said pharmacist Patrick McCrystal, Executive Director of Human Life International (Ireland).

"I work for a charity that upholds the dignity of woman. This decision is a disgrace to all Irish women.

"Today’s reported decision by the Irish Medicines Board to make the so-called “morning after” pill available for sale for €9.99 effectively condemns children yet unborn to death.

"Everyone involved in this issue is gravely morally responsible”

"This pill makes money out of killing human life. It kills human life sacred and made in God’s image and likeness.
Pope John Paul II reminded us that:

“Whoever attacks human life in some way attacks God Himself” - Evangelium Vitae:

I believe it is no coincidence that today’s mass reading states:

"Let this be written for ages to come
That a people yet unborn may praise the Lord
For the Lord leaned down from his sanctuary on high.
He Looked down from heaven to the earth
That he might hear the groans of the prisoners
And free those condemned to die” (Psalm 101:18)

Today’s mass readings speak of God looking down from heaven to the earth to hear "the groans of prisoners" and free those "condemned to die".

Furthermore, today’s first reading from the book of Genesis states:

“I will demand an account of every man’s life from his fellow man” - Genesis 9:5

Everyone involved must give account of the acts he personally performs. No-one can be exempted from it and on the basis of it, everyone will be judged by God Himself.”


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