HLI Ireland Annual Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine in honour of our Lady October 1st 2016.


A Day in Honour of Our Lady

October 1st 2016

Celebration of Life, Faith and Family Pilgrimage

“Best Holy Hour in a long time”.

“That was the best Holy Hour I’ve been at in a long time” said one participant leaving the prayer vigil for the Bishops as part of Human Life International (Ireland)’s 4th annual pilgrimage to Knock Shrine last Saturday.

“Our annual Knock pilgrimage 'A Day in Honour of Our Lady' is growing from strength to strength” said Patrick McCrystal, Executive Director of Human Life International (Ireland). “This is the first year we have arranged buses from all over the country and we plan to expand every year.”

Kate Meenagh, Pregnancy counsellor reported the GREAT NEWS that 31 babies and their mothers had been saved from abortion since January, through HLI (Ireland)’s ASK Majella Pregnancy advice agency. HLI (Ireland) has been fundraising for a portable scanner to reach any woman, any county, same day if necessary.

As well as the public procession bearing banners of Our Lady, Bishop Philip Boyce gave an inspiring and courageous sermon affirming the institution of marriage and God’s plan for a lifelong union between husband and wife. “Children have a right to a mother and a father,” he said. “If they are denied this right it dissolves the cohesion of family and society.”

The “Celebration evening” with comedian Mark McIntyre, musician Cormac Buckley and a medley of other short acts and songs was a great success.

“It’s important we have a bit of craic and remind ourselves for a change we are people of life and light,” said one participant.

With food, testimonies, raffle and prizes the evening was heartening and entertaining.

The final part of the day was a powerful Holy Hour of adoration prayer and rosary for the Bishops and “praying in” their National Day for Life the following day. Each of the Bishops and their diocese were lifted up by name at a timely point of the hour.

“The Bishops are a critical component in the spiritual fight we are all engaged in,” said Patrick McCrystal. “They have the power to bind and loose like no other. That is why they have been pilloried so much this last 20 years. We have a serious responsibility to pray for them”.

“Let’s build for next year. Help us arrange a bus from your local area for next year’s pilgrimage October 2017, and be part of the Blessing”, said one speaker at the close of the day.

Call us on 094-9375993 and be part of our honouring Our Lady.

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