Repentance of the Catholic community might avert abortion

Repentance of the Catholic community might avert abortion

Human Life International (Ireland)


“Abortion is only a symptom of a deeper malaise and if the Church and the pro-life movement had consistently confronted the evil of contraception and wrongfulness of sexual relations outside marriage this last 30 years, we would certainly not be in this situation today.”

So said Patrick McCrystal, Executive Directorof Human Life International (Ireland) today.

The demand for abortion arises from those who want sexual intercourse with no intention of having a baby.

If Catholic Church authorities, the pro-life groups and the entire Catholic community, to the degree they are culpable of silence on contraception and the truths of Humanae Vitae, repented and addressed this urgent situation immediately, perhaps God in His Mercy might avert the abortion disaster.

We have stood by and tacitly allowed G.P.’s to silently saturate Ireland with contraception, pharmacists to dispense it, the HSE, Positive Options and family planning agencies to brainwash our nation with a contraceptive mentality and leave Ireland awash with the “intrinsically evil” use of such products.

We have a nation of uncatechised adults and youth woefully ignorant of the truth about the beauty of marriage and the call to chaste self-mastery.

Our persistent refusal to address this underlying root of the abortion culture would appear to be coming home to roost.  We are seeing the full fruits now of the seeds planted in Ireland for thirty years.

The global abortion movement have known this tactic for decades – saturate a society with contraception and eventually you achieve abortion.  Abortion becomes the ultimate birth control when contraceptive usage fails.  The abortion movement has used it without fail in virtually every country of the world and have been using it with dogged focused intent in Ireland.

Are we the Catholic Community in Ireland truly willing to repent and throw ourselves onto God’s mercy?  Ninevah repented, fasted and was spared.

Perhaps it is not too late to avert falling over the abortion precipice.

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