Abandonment to Divine Providence

Abandonment to Divine Providence




For your gift of €10 or more to our pro-life pro-family work, we would like to send you this complimentary gift:

Abandonment to Divine Providence a spiritual classic by Fr Jean Pierre De Caussade.

A book that will greatly help you make sense of Life's challanges and help you grow in trust in God in all things. You will advance in:

• Trusting in the will of God in all circumstances.

• How to approach doubt, suffering and trial.

• The duties of souls living in abandonment to Divine Providence, peaceful and childlike surrender.

• The call to trusting, peaceful and childlike surrender to grace.

• The sacramental nature of the present moment.

• The nature and excellence of the state of abandonment.

• Knowledge of the assistance of Fatherly Providence to those who have abandoned themselves to Him.

• How Divine action unceasingly assists the sanctification of souls.


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